Introducing Sponsored Pushes

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Get more installs

Send promotional messages to people who don’t use your app (yet!) to draw their attention and interest.

Send relevant pushes

Specify the target audience and segment it by country and vertical to ensure relevance of your pushes.

Measure impact

Receive monthly statistics of your promotional pushes such as send and open rates.

More Installs Equals More Sales

A loyal core audience is a cornerstone of a successful business. There's plenty of ways to monetize your audience using push marketing. You can reach a variety of business goals, such as increasing retention and conversion rates, boosting repeat sales, etc. To use these solutions effectively, you need to form a core audience first.

Get More Installs

Getting new customers might be a complicated task. We're excited to introduce a new way to do it: our new program, Sponsored Pushes! In a nutshell, the program allows you to send push notifications to people who don't use your app yet. Tell people about your app, promote your product and get new installs!

Expand your business

When you join our Sponsored Pushes program, specify the content of your push and the number of devices to send the message to. Segment the audience: send your message to a particular country, if you'd like to expand your business there. We send you monthly statistics of your messages. Contact us via the form below to learn the details!

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