Thanks to you, recently we hit another billion pushes sent through our push notification server, and counting! There are more than 6.400.000.000 push notifications as of today. We are very excited that with your help this new billion took us less than a month.

Another significant number we reached together is more than 300.000.000 devices worldwide subscribed to receive push notifications from your wonderful apps installed on all types of devices – the infinite number of smartphones, iPads and Windows Surface tablets, Mac OS X and Windows 8 desktops.

Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands users surfing the web in Safari, and most of them can subscribe to receive pushes from your website. Keeping this in mind, we’ve just updated our WordPress Pushwoosh plugin with Safari push notification support. Now it’s as easy as pie to automatically notify your website subscribers about important news when you publish new posts.

The other thing we are very excited about is the upcoming release of the absolutely new Pushwoosh Control Panel. We worked our fingers to the bone to make it as clear, logically organized, and user-friendly as possible. Except for making it look fresh, we took into account all your suggestions about its improvement, such as sorting application in the list by name and the number of subscribers, search fields, beautiful device previews for all possible platforms, clear multi-login UI, all counters in a single place, etc.

We hope you will enjoy using it, and here’s a little sneak peek on our most important page:

New Pushwoosh Control Panel