Autopushes is the feature that allows you to automatically trigger push notifications based on rules of segmentation. Segments are based on custom and default tag values your users subscribe to, and all you have to do is set up rules based on which Pushwoosh will periodically recalculate the target audience, and send a message to it. Basically, it allows you to automatically send push notifications to dynamic segments of your audience based on various user behavior triggers.

Use Case

The number of use cases is immense – from a welcome message sent to users who just installed your app, to bringing back those users who stopped using your application for a long time.

Active users is your most valuable asset, and you definitely don’t want them to abandon your app for a long time, especially those that proved to be paying ones. In the example below we will create the Autopush that targets the segment of users that:

  • did not open the application for one week – they are abandoning your app
  • game progress is somewhere between levels 5 and 15 – you can consider them active ones as they’ve made some progress already
  • payed $20 or more for in-apps – these users are valuable
  • application version is 2+
  • logged in with Facebook

Pushwoosh Autopushes

As the frequency is set to Daily, we will search through the whole database of your devices to find those that match criteria, and then schedule a push notification to be sent at the time you specify. The Last Application Open tag value is set to be exactly 7 days, which means that you users will not receive the same message the eighth day if they don’t open the app with this Autopush.

We also suggest using Dynamic Content in your push notifications to add a personal touch, which increases the push open rate.