Warning: it’s going to be a very personal post.

When I was a little kid, I was crazy about Sci-Fi movies, watching Star Wars, E.T. and Back to the Future X over and over again. A small detail worth noting is that I was, and still am, a girl.

Probably due to this fact I had my own imaginary world filled with imaginary friends and woven with the shreds of books and movies surrounded us back then. However, some of its day-to-day routine was of my own making, such as alerting world population about huge events in an instant, via some virtual network with windows popping up from thin air (and internet at this time was nowhere to be seen), or real-time personal communication devices for voice and messaging.

I was not a huge fan of Star Trek as a kid, so I had never seen a communicator, and had no visual prototype for such device. Instead, my “imaginary team” created emerald rings that would be used to call someone, or send them a message. Now a huge gold piece of jewelry with a 10 carat stone does not seem to be a very handy device (pun intended), but it served its purpose in my universe.

Watching Back to the Future today, I can imagine why I had to invent my own wheel. Yes, the fax machine. Truly, even a child had known better back then. If access to data rules the modern world, communication channels should support and exceed the speed-of-light today’s technology. And that’s where we finally got lucky: you can’t buy a hoverboard (yet), but you can buy an iPhone. I might never get myself a 10-carat emerald ring, but I have a smartwatch and I can take my calls with my wrist. I get notifications with a pulse of someone I love. Bad news are delivered via touchy emails, not a heartless piece of paper 🐱

So yes, personally I celebrate my own October 21st, 2015 as “the future that happened”. Moreover, I feel blessed and proud that our team belongs to the evangelists keeping this future coming right to your smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac, your watch and, hopefully soon, anything that rings, blinks, vibrates or pops up from your table. Surely, with best intentions and in a very delicate way, we promise 😁

Still waiting for those laces though. Come on, it’s XXI already, my time is too precious to waste!