Shopping Cart Abandonment remains one of the biggest challenges for e-commerce. According to Baymard Institute study, the average cart abandonment rate is 70% and rising. Shoppers abandon their carts because of different reasons:

  • final price is too high,
  • time it takes to create account,
  • concerns of privacy of personal information,
  • credit card declined,
  • or they are simply browsing products before buying.

All of them combined translate into over $4 billion of lost revenue annually. E-commerce marketers have been sending cart recovery emails to fight this, but even the best recovery email copies convert only 3% to 5% visitors to buyers.

Can you do any better? Yes you can! Using Pushwoosh Facebook Cart Recovery automation our customers achieve over 30% increase in revenue by sending well-timed cart reminders via Facebook Messenger. It means that a typical online store with $50,000 monthly sales can gain additional $180,000 of annual revenue.

Why restore abandoned carts through Facebook Messenger automation?

  • Because your customers are already there. Messenger is installed on over 2 billion devices, and your customers are already using it daily.
  • Frictionless shopping experience. Your customers don’t need to input their emails for your brand to be able to talk to them - you’re connected right after they add the first product to the cart.
  • 2-4x higher open rates compared to emails. Nearly 90% of your messages are opened and read on Messenger, as opposed to emails with its average open rates of 20%.
  • 5x higher clickthrough rates. After reading reminders on Messenger, customers are 5 times more likely to click your call-to-action and complete the purchase.
  • Nearly 90% read rate. Emails may end up buried in inboxes, or even worse, in spam folders. It's not the case with Messenger.
  • Quick & easy setup. Pushwoosh plugin integrates into any e-commerce website, no developer required.
  • Entry point for conversational marketing. When your customers respond in Messenger, you can continue conversation from your brands’ Facebook Inbox.
  • It's super personal. With Facebook, you get to know your customers names, age and other demographics data - use to personalize their shopping experience and build trust.
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Here's how it works: after your visitors add products to their cart and opt-in, your brands' Facebook page sends them up to 3 follow-up reminders if they didn't purchase. You can fine-tune the delay between these follow-ups, and personalize messages to increase conversions to purchases. You can also configure quick-replies and set automated responses to reduce your manual customer support efforts.