Customers live online. We have multiple devices, use numerous apps, visit dozens of websites every single day. Push notifications, emails, and social media are parts of our everyday routine.

Each of online activities is an entry point to start a conversation. And digital marketing has to involve all these touchpoints in its strategies.

Cross-channel communications are about finding a combination for each case and every aim. Communication channels have their own profiles with distinct engagement levels and reaction time. Moreover, different channels help to achieve different business goals. Single-channel communications are good at customer engagement. Combined communications are much better.

Here at Pushwoosh, we offer a wide range of customer communication tools. Synergize strengths of various channels to multiply the impact of your marketing campaigns. Define your goals, explore your audience, and find a combination that works for you!

Give us a message, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive cross-channel marketing strategy, or check out more details on the matter!