Being a service is all about being convenient. You have asked us how to test your push notifications before sending them out, and we heard you. Tired of setting up multiple parameters each time you want to send a message? We got your back here as well. Got caught by surprise with expired iOS certificates? We will gently poke you in a timely manner, so that you do not miss an important campaign.

Here is just a brief overview of these new features:

Push Presets

You have spent some of your valuable time to add five languages, set badges, choose target platforms and write an XML snippet. Most probably, you do not want to repeat it every time you need to send the same message over and over again. Now all you need is to save it as a Push Preset, and next time it will be just a click away from being sent!### Test Devices

It speaks for itself. Just add your test devices to the list once, and later you can test your push notifications on single devices only instead of spamming your user base, or using our Remote API request to target certain push tokens. The list of test devices will be managed via Control Panel, where you can add the name of the device, its platform and its description, i.e. “that yellow-cased Android in the box №5”.### Expiration Alerts

Once a year your iOS certificates will expire. It is inevitable, and we all have to deal with it. Once they expire, Pushwoosh cannot connect to APNs with your credentials and do its job. That is why we are showing the red alert badge on your iOS configuration, and that is why we will now warn you in advance about this little inconvenience. You will have enough time to go to Apple Developer Portal, create a new certificate and upload it to Pushwoosh. If you are on a Premium account, it is even easier! Just use your Auto-Configuration with five simple steps, and it will be done in a couple of minutes. You do not even need the last step with mobile provisioning profile, if your app is already in the Store.We are working hard on bringing you the best user experience with Pushwoosh, and we welcome any ideas that you might have for us. Also, there are more surprises coming this spring!

**It’s important!** In order to fully live up to the Olympic motto in our post title, we will also have a major hardware upgrade next week. There will be a scheduled downtime of two hours, which is currently planned on Tuesday, March 03 at 6 AM UTC+0. Please check our blog and Twitter for the confirmation!