Boost engagement and loyalty levels with In-app Messaging.

Customers churning is arguably the biggest problem that business owners face these days. Marketers spend ages thinking how to prevent users from churning. The arsenal is vast, with special promotions targeted to dormant users and exquisite analytics ready to catch smallest signs of users' churning and much more. We propose a way to drastically reduce churn rates while spending almost no time or efforts!

In our latest SDK, we added out-of-the-box solutions that aim at engaging newcomers and improving the user experience. To form personal connections with users, show your attention early on with a welcome tour through the app. Explain app's basics and make sure users know their way around.

And then, continue to guide the user carefully on their customer journey. Inform customers what's new after they've updated the app, encouraging users to try new features and check out new content.

Welcome users to your app and keep them posted on updates with Welcome Newcomers and Showcase App Changes In-App Messages.