Some of you asked us whether there is a way to communicate with other developers who use Pushwoosh to send notifications to their cross-platform apps. Well, we used to have a forum for that, however, it didn’t prove itself to be handy enough for our users, so we shut it down this summer.

However, we totally understand the importance of having such a resource. So, today we are glad to introduce you Pushwoosh Community, the site intended for all the developers to ask and answer any push-related questions. Pushwoosh Community is moderated by its members, moderation rights are assigned to users based upon their reputation points, which are gained during answering, asking and commenting questions. All questions have related tags, which makes it easier to find discussions you’re interested in.

We welcome you to join our new Question and Answer resource with any questions worth asking, and all your experience that is definitely worth sharing. We hope that Pushwoosh Community will gradually become the best source of information about programming push notifications on all platforms we support.