Measure and grow your audience with comprehensive statistics!

Thorough analytics is a cornerstone of successful marketing. The more you know, the better decisions you make. Analyzing trends and results of your efforts makes your strategies even more efficient and viable. And the first point to build your communication strategy is to know how many customers are ready to communicate with you.

Now, detailed stats of the number of push subscribers is presented in your Pushwoosh account. When planning push campaigns, take a look at the Subscribers graph in your Pushwoosh Statistics. This graph shows the subscribers’ number dynamics for the chosen period. Divided by different platforms, the data allows improving communications with regard to platforms’ specifics.

What are the use cases for subscribers stats analysis? There’s a myriad of!

  • Watch over upward and downward trends to estimate the impact your campaigns have on your audience.
  • Increase the user base by running the Subscribers Growth in-app campaign prompting app users to sign up for push notifications.
  • Consider subscribers’ number dynamics to build a strong community of loyal customers.

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