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Today we would like to point at small yet very important Pushwoosh updates you need to consider in case you are using Pushwoosh and want to exclude any unexpected issues.

Update Pushwoosh Web SDK

getLastMessage method will be deprecated in one week. After you update your Web SDK, you will be able to access push payload without getLastMessage method. This is much more convenient now.

Baidu URL Shortener is Now Deprecated

As was previously announced, we deprecated Baidu URL shortener. From now on, please use google or bit.ly when sending /createMessage requests via Pushwoosh. But first, check out the guides!

Stay tuned for more Pushwoosh updates and don’t hesitate to contact us via help@pushwoosh.com or Contact Us form on our website. You can also ping us on Twitter or Facebook.

Incident Report

Incident Report

Aug 12, 2016

It’s time to clear up the situation we were going through last Tuesday.

What has happened exactly?

Pushwoosh has come under the strong pressure of external DDoS attack, and we have taken measures to minimize the risk for all our users. It resulted in severe connectivity issues and servers being unavailable, as many of you could notice.

Even though there was no threat to lose user data, since it was the frontend that has been affected, we wanted to nullify the hazard and took it all down. Yes, it caused sporadic issues with servers’ availability, CP and API access. But the security of our users is above all other things for us, that’s why we did all we could to stay as safe as possible. You just can’t be too careful in such cases. And this attitude has paid off.

Why did it last for so long?

All efforts were accumulated to increase the resistance to any possible external attack. It took us some reasonable time to double-check every instance. When we absolutely sure that there was nothing to worry about – we restore connections to our servers one by one.

Please note that except for the short period when security alert has triggered alarm for the system overall, no Enterprise client was affected.

What’s the current status?

After emergency maintenance was finished, all our Public Cloud servers were working at full capacity. No failed or slow CP login attempts, API issues or other server instability is being detected at the moment.

Are there any changes or improvements?

Yes. We’ve added an additional domain for our Control Panel to increase the service stability and meet the challenges of the growth. The new address is go.pushwoosh.com, and we highly recommend you to use it to connect to your Control Panel instead of cp.pushwoosh.com. There will be other additional fronts added over time, and it’s only for your convenience and security, nothing more. All features, layouts and credentials remain unchanged. cp.pushwoosh.com is still working in normal mode so you have enough time to readjust. We will gradually deprecate the old address in one year.


We really want to thank all of you for your feedback, commitment and patience. We keep going for you and with your help. Anyone can be attacked, but not everyone has such a responsive and empathic audience!.

We sincerely hope that this incident report has clarified the situation


Pushwoosh team.

Incident report

It’s been a while (if it’s not broken – don’t fix it) since we updated our Pushwoosh Cordova Plugin. Finally, 6.0.0 version has been released!

What’s new in Pushwoosh Cordova Plugin 6.0.0?

  • Unified integration for all platforms
  • Customization for Foreground Pushes, Custom Push Sound, Custom Push Icon, Custom Push Data, Controlling Log Level, Geozones Push and Deep Linking
  • Permissions for location tracking are now disabled by default

Why is it useful?

  • No need to configure each platform individually. Once code is written – it works for every platform
  • Configuration of the most popular features is now simple and clear

Consider this

No more backwards compatibility. Some features from the old plugin version will not work in the new one until you reconfigure them.

Please check the new guidelines and repos:

We really appreciate when you evaluate our service and warmly welcome you to leave your feedback via Contact Us form on our website or help@pushwoosh.com. Don’t hesitate and report any bugs regarding Pushwoosh Cordova Plugin and other parts of Pushwoosh. You can also ping us on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Euro 2016 has come to an end. This championship has set many records, like the highest team number, the best team performance, superior user engagement and even the highest media coverage in the history of Euro tournaments. But we are not going to tell you about football statistics, as everything is freely available via hundreds of articles and news materials.

As you know, we’ve been sending push notifications to the UEFA Euro 2016 App throughout the entire tournament. Thus we’ve collected some useful information and want to share it with you.

UEFA Euro 2016 App

The Zone of Turbulence

The Zone of Turbulence

Jul 25, 2016

Hi everyone!

We are going through the massive hardware upgrade on Tuesday, July 16. Starting from 11 CEST you may experience some connectivity issues. This period will last 15 minutes at most, and we are going to be back to normal at 11:15 CEST, July 16.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

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