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As was mentioned in the previous blog post, Pushwoosh has recently started to work on a new challenging project in co-operation with UEFA, who has just launched their Euro 2016 app. Our goal was to send push notifications to its official app users with a super-high velocity. We’ve succeeded to do it in a fine fashion and were favorably impressed to see an amazing push subscription rate of 75%. All joking aside: these numbers are really, really huge in comparison with an average rate of 20-50%. Also we promised you to describe the way EURO 2016 application got that high performance. So let’s drill down the strategy that will help you achieve really high subscription rate and will give your audience a valuable experience.

Warming Up

According to the statistics, almost 60 % of mobile users have an internet connection on their devices. And this number will grow further, no doubts. Doing it absolutely right, UEFA decided to go mobile and use this comprehensive communication channel to address football lovers all over the world. The EURO 2016 application makes it possible to track your favorite teams and players throughout the entire championship. Every application user is opted to receive personalized pushes about the following events:

  • Goals & penalties
  • Send-offs/cautions
  • Substitutions
  • Official line-ups
  • Kick-off/full-time

As a result, you have an ultra-efficient tool created to engage users and keep them notified of what they love most about this tournament. The only question left is how to make the subscription rate as close to 100% as possible.

Looking Closely at UEFA Euro 2016 App

As pointed before, the user experience is deeply personalized. After you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you are offered to select your favorite teams and players, who participate in EURO 2016.

Uefa euro 2016

Then you receive the opt-in menu explaining what you will get after you toggle the scroll on. This step is a deciding factor as it’s aimed at showing the real value for customers. When done well, it can result in significant user base growth and give a real boost to your product.

Uefa euro 2016 Uefa Euro 2016

As simple as that, users are provided with a step-by-step explanation of why they should use the application and how helpful it can be.

Personalization at Its Finest

Please look at the screenshot below. This is an awesome example of how far you should go to make your audience receive only relevant information. This is the essential part, meaning the more options your users are given, the more personally they will percept your product. In all senses.

Uefa Euro 2016

We hope this case will help you realize that the more you do for your customers – the more you will receive back. You just need to make your audience understand the values you possess. If you have any questions on the topic, please don’t hesitate and bring out your opinion in Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve always wanted to simplify the integration process and invent the easy way to send Safari, Chrome and Firefox Browser Pushes. Finally, our dreams came true and Pushwoosh Web Push SDK was created.

Advantages of the Unified Web Push SDK

Web Push

  • Supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • You don’t have to integrate our Web Push SDK individually to every browser. Done once – works everywhere. This is the main principle of the update
  • Malfunctions are minimized: It’s much harder to fail the integration if there is only one script to build in


Please consider the following steps before the integration:

Feedback Required

Our users are the main driving force of the service, that’s why we need your opinion that much. We really appreciate when you evaluate our service and warmly welcome you to leave your feedback via Contact Us form on our website or help@pushwoosh.com. Don’t hesitate and report any bugs regarding Web Push SDK and other parts of Pushwoosh. You can also ping us on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Challenge Accepted

International offline events are a great opportunity to challenge your company, know what it’s really worth and create a real value for people all over the world. Besides, this is a perfect chance to go global. In that case it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it was more than exciting to realize that we’re going to work with the Union of European Football Associations all through the EURO 2016.

UEFA, the governing body of European football, perfectly set the stage before this worldwide event. Their mobile application was developed to engage, inform and notify users throughout the entire tournament. And that’s where Pushwoosh stepped into the breach.

Objectives Set

The issue that faced us was the necessity to send unprecedentedly huge amount of push notifications in an extremely short period of time. In other words, we had to send pushes blazingly fast. The events that must have been accompanied with push notifications were truly numerous: from goals and penalties to line-ups and final score. Nothing should have been missed out.

Imagine the huge user base of the EURO 2016 app and get the idea of how big is the thing we were supposed to keep up and running.


Luckily, the technology developed by our engineers allowed us to process truly big amounts of data and successfully accomplish the task.

What also should be noticed is an amazing push subscription rate of 75-80%. You’ll probably ask where the ruse is and notice that EURO is not a regular local event. Yes, the tournaments of such caliber and importance involve high level of hype and engagement automatically, BUT it doesn’t mean you can’t add some magic to make it perfect. Moreover, every app owner has a chance to create a rich user experience for the subscribers.

In the next blog post we will thoroughly describe the way UEFA achieved the push subscription rate of 75-80% with the help of Pushwoosh.

Things Left Unsaid

Euro 2016 is in full spate now. Until it ends, you have a perfect opportunity to make sure notifications are running smoothly. Download the app and see for yourself that pushes are being sent like a clockwork. But please don’t be frustrated to receive a push a few second earlier than you actually witness the event via TV or a web live stream. Since Pushwoosh is far beyond the common technologies you should be prepared for time travel and quantum breaks :)

A while ago we named the reasons to let push providers run your push notifications campaign. Along with insufficient speed and system instability, there are other key factors that make self-hosted push notification server a very questionable solution.


Let’s imagine that your application or website gets one million users out of the blue. Are you ready to process, segment all this data and start sending push notifications in a timely manner? Even thoroughly tested systems are known to go down under such great, but such unexpected success.

The opposite use case is also possible. You spend time and money to build your own solution, hoping to have half a million subscribers in 10 days at the very outside. But in practice you have an audience of 27k one month later after you launched your application. Resources were spent but there is no expected output. However, there is no downgrade button to switch to lower pricing tier. Disappointing, isn’t it?

Our service fits Startup and Enterprise needs alike. Whether you have a handful or ten million devices, your push campaigns will be running smoothly. If your app gets one million installs in one day – we welcome them with open arms. You can grow with your own tempo and broaden the functionality of your Pushwoosh account as and when necessary.


Self-hosted push notification server would probably send pushes to all subscribed devices. Poor segmentation will result in a low click-through rate and make you doubt push messaging is a technology made for your business. Missing out on push notifications benefits would only lose your money and loyal audience, don’t risk it!

We provide numerous features for each individual push campaign, suitable both for websites and mobile apps. Growing with your own tempo, you can gradually expand your features set and have a 100% personalized solution. Just name it, and we have it: Targeted Pushes, Multi-Language Environment, A/B/C/D Tests, In-App Messages, Rich Media, Team Access, Automation, Advanced Stats and many more!

Cost Efficiency

Over 3000 man-hours and more than $300,000 are spent monthly to keep Pushwoosh on the top of the stack. We translate our clients’ demands into cutting-edge features of high value. We take over the maintenance to save your time and money, and provide you with a powerful and easy-to-use service.

Grow with us! We are always happy to help you choose the best option. If you have any questions regarding pricing tiers or Pushwoosh functionality, don’t hesitate and drop us a line via Contact Us form on our website or help@pushwoosh.com.

When Facebook announced that they shut down Parse, we introduced the Parse Migration Tool and Pushwoosh Parse Adapter to provide Parse users with a decent alternative. But there is a point to stress about the Parse migration.

What are you talking about?

No matter whether Parse Android Push users are going to run their own push notification server, try Pushwoosh or migrate to another push provider, they should know the following.

First of all, there are three terms you need to be familiar with when sending Android pushes via Parse:

  • Registration ID: The GCM registration ID uniquely identifies an app/device pairing for push purposes.
  • Sender ID: The GCM sender ID is a public number that identifies the sender of a push notification.
  • API key: The GCM API key is a server secret that allows a server to send pushes to a registration ID on behalf of a particular sender ID.

GCM Android Push notifications, which are being replaced by FCM now, require you to create a Project in Google Developer Console and use your own Sender ID and Server Key. In order to simplify the configuration process, Parse offered to use their internal Sender ID and Server Key to send push notifications. If you used the default Parse Android push configuration settings and didn’t register your own GCM sender ID and GCM Server key, all your GCM tokens belong to Parse. This is what we never did at Pushwoosh and we always asked our users to register their own GCM Sender ID and GCM Server Key. What is important to understand is that Parse will never share his Private Server Key as it would compromise all Android push tokens from any Parse-based project.

What Does It Mean?

It means that you can use the default Sender ID and API key registered in Parse only to send push notifications via Parse. You can’t migrate these device tokens to another push service since you don’t have Parse’s Server Key. In that way these tokens can be considered gone. The only solution – you should start collecting new push tokens as soon as you can.

How Do I Fix This?

If you are going to try out Pushwoosh, you need to register your own Sender ID and API key for your Android application. Also, you need to integrate Pushwoosh Android SDK to your application and release the update to Google Play Store as soon as possible. Check our GCM Configuration guide to make the integration process as fast and smooth as possible.

If you have any questions regarding Android push notifications, don’t hesitate and drop us a line via Contact Us form on our website or help@pushwoosh.com.

We are always happy to collaborate!

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