This May Microsoft reported that Windows 8 OS hit 100 million sales. It’s installed on the wide range of devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets, and there’re over 100.000 applications in the Windows Store. And what’s more important, all these applications can receive push notifications.We are glad to finally announce the long-awaited support for Windows 8 push notifications. Apple offers only two types of notification view, Android lets us slightly customize them according to what we need. Meanwhile, Microsoft took another path and introduced 4 various types of Windows 8 push notifications with the total of more than 60 different templates. This templates might include plain text, bold headers, pictures and icons. All of them are added to the Advanced form of the Pushwoosh Control Panel to make it as simple as possible, without having to write the XML content. We help developers reach their audience regardless the device type, and of course we have all the sufficient features supported in the Windows 8 SDK: Multi-Language, Tags, Geozones and Custom Data. Windows 8 Push Notifications Configuration Guide: Windows 8 Pushwoosh SDK Integration Guide: There are even more platforms to be supported in the near future, so stay tuned!