Good news, everyone!

It’s finally here. We got our own plugin for PhoneGap Build, so we are one step further to seamless integration with basically everything!

The new tutorial for the Pushwoosh Guides page will arrive soon, but you can start right away.

Just go here to see all details, README and download the plugin itself:

Include the plugin by adding this line in the config.xml

**NB: **If you get the error saying “version 3.0.0 is not available”, do not get scared! It happens sometimes, nobody is that perfect. Simply change this line to force use 3.0.1 version:
Oh, wait, there is more!

The sample iOS app is here:

All in all, we had a great time with PhoneGap Build Generic Plugin, but it is nice to give our push notifications a personal touch.

Huge thanks goes to the Adobe team! Keep up the good work.

… to be continued