We are excited to report that we have successfully completed the major hardware upgrade in our data centers.

Apart from multiplying storage capacity and increasing our processing performance, Pushwoosh is now utilizing the high-end Infiniband technology, which is commonly used in advanced supercomputers for fast and effective interconnection between all components of the system.

Right after the hardware upgrade we started updating Pushwoosh with new features such as

  • sending pushes directly to Geozones
  • new default tags
  • app-specific tags and statistics for them
  • iOS Invisible push
  • push open statistics for Safari push notifications
  • and dozens of tiny yet important fixes and improvements.

All of the above is available for new Pushwoosh accounts created after August, 22; all the rest of Pushwoosh accounts will be consequently updated with new functionality during the next 2 weeks.

Stay tuned to our Blog and Twitter for posts about new features and upcoming releases!