When companies need a push notifications messaging solution, they consider different options, which often include building own solution and using the services of a push notifications provider. Which one is the best for your company? Find out now.

Last year one of our clients, an e-commerce company, decided to build its own push messaging solution and quit using Pushwoosh. The results of this initiative turned out to be quite disappointing - thousands of dollars of expected revenue were lost during the weeks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday because the newly developed solution wasn't ready to provide the necessary delivery rates. Due to the lack of stability, millions of users didn't receive push notifications about the upcoming sales, and thousands of dollars were lost.

By the time Christmas sale started, the company was already back to using Pushwoosh. When is building your own messaging solution a good idea? Do you have what it takes to maintain its stability? Should you choose it over the services of a provider? The answer depends on your goals, needs and available resources.

When choosing the best solution for your company, it's important to consider the following:

Functionality & Use Cases

  • Your own solution: will have limited functionality based on the current needs & goals of your marketing team. If your business grows further and your marketing strategy gets more complex in the future, you will need a lot of time and money to rebuild your existing solution and develop additional reliable and stable functionality. If you ever need to take action fast and launch new customer communications quickly, that can be really problematic.
  • Pushwoosh: after integrating Pushwoosh SDK into your app, all the features and communication channels you can possibly ever need, are at your service. No time and development resources required to start using them. It's always easy to start using additional functionality and communication channels (such as in-app messages, emails) to reach more customers, make your communications personalized and automated.

Reliability & Support

  • Own solution: supporting reliability of your solution also requires lots of human resources. In fact, you will need an entire team of people that will maintain the stability of your solution. Fixing bugs, resolving production issues, maintenance work & support - all of that is impossible without employees focused just on that.
  • Pushwoosh: making sure your messages are delivered is our job. No need to say that we have multiple teams, whose job is maintaining the reliability of our service and keeping delivery rates at the highest levels. Any issues that might occur are taken care of by our support + customer success + development teams in no time.

Costs & Resources

  • Own solution: Cost to Develop = Initial Build Time (usually takes months) + Hosting Costs (for various device types) + Maintenance Costs + Costs of Updating for Every Software Update + Cost of Adding New Features (such as Dynamic Content, A/B Testing, Segmentation and others) + Building and Maintaining Security.
  • Pushwoosh: Pay for your monthly or yearly subscription once (starts at $41.95, or free for up to 1000 devices), and that's all you need to care about. The service offers very flexible pricing for all types of businesses, powerful functionality and highest efficiency.

Experience & Expertise

  • Own solution: the first experience in creating a push messaging solution can bring lots of unexpected issues and the developed functionality can end up not meeting the requirements of your marketing strategy.
  • Pushwoosh: we've been successfully helping businesses grow since 2011. We know what our customers need and how our service can help them reach their goals. Our Customer Success team has deep expertise on automated cross-channel marketing solutions that help you gain the most from your customer communications. Our Customer Success Managers will be glad to help you launch the most effective communications with your customers via push notifications, email, in-app messages and Facebook messenger.

Product Development

  • Own solution: it's often hard to predict what functionality you will need in the future, what communication channels work best for your users.
  • Pushwoosh: we work with all types of businesses, know all the possible pain points marketers can have, follow the trends and develop the products that will bring the most value to our customers. We are already integrated with 21 platforms. As experts on cross-channel marketing and push notifications, we can easily keep the efficiency of our service on the highest level.

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