The Rules of the 2016 Pushwoosh Annual Giveaway

The best way for a company to get ahead is to help your clients prosper, there is nothing secret about it. That’s why we’ve been drawing inspiration from customers’ success throughout the years. From one year to the next, we at Pushwoosh have been performing annual giveaways for our clients to express gratitude.

Last year we announced the annual subscription with two free months as a gift. This year we go further and boost the yearly discount for Developer and Marketing Plans. It means you are getting 30% OFF when upgrading your Marketing or Developer subscription to annual. The offer is valid until December 12, 11:59 PM (PST).

2016 Pushwoosh Annual Giveaway

What’s the Point to Upgrade?

Let the digits speak for themselves. Let’s say you have a Marketing 3 paid monthly. It means it costs you $499.95 a month. You can buy annual subscription to pay $419.95 monthly. As can be shown by a little algebra, in that case you can save $960 per year. Fair enough, if you pay for a year in advance. We say: “Not Enough!” and offer you more this time.

By upgrading now, you can save 30% which is $1799.82 per year for Marketing 3. Not bad, right?

Furthermore, this is not only the 2017 is coming, but also a new business year. Usually, it means organizations try to book their business expenses before the end of the year and deduct from the taxes. Seems familiar to you? If it does, we offer you to get your wants and needs met easily.

Offset some revenue and save for your business with 2016 Pushwoosh Annual Giveaway!

Use the Following Promo Codes When Upgrading Your Plan

To annual Developer: AnnualDeveloper2016

To annual Marketing: AnnualMarketing2016

Five easy steps to apply the 30% discount using promo code:

1. Copy the promo code to your clipboard.

2. Follow the link and select either Developer or Marketing annual plan.

3. Confirm your subscription.

4. Paste the promo code into the corresponding field in the top right corner of the screen and click Use button.

5. Fill in the Billing Info fields and click Buy Product.