Conversion Tracking Explained

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Conversion Tracking

…and how it helps your business. Using Conversion Tracking, you can pinpoint which of your push marketing campaigns were the most successful, i.e. which campaigns got your users most interested and which keywords, buzzwords and even emojis work best. On the other hand, you can identify campaigns with a low conversion rate: that’s just where you may want to improve.

The struggle

Measuring marketing campaign success is always challenging. Every marketer knows all-too-well: the correlation between a marketing campaign and its effect might be quite vague. Even if you experience an increase in sales after your marketing campaign, there’s no way to prove whether there’s a causal connection between the two. Or, rather, there wasn’t a way!

The solution: know your audience!

Our Conversion Tracking feature allows you to check the conversion rate of your push marketing campaigns: the number of users who perform specific actions in your application or on your website after opening the push. Conversion Tracking gives you immense amounts of new information, a glimpse of your users’ behaviors: you can see exactly what they do having opened the push notification. Just make an assumption and have a definitive test of its value. Actions speak louder than words!

Assessing campaign’s results

You just sent a message announcing a sale in your shop. Use Conversion Tracking to measure how successful your campaign was! We show you the conversion rate of your message and how much revenue it generated.

Measure conversions in these business cases!

Our Retention Autopush is a powerful tool keeping your users active. Want to know just how effective it is? Nothing easier: just check the campaign’s Conversion Rate to see how many people have spent quality time in your app.

Have you had a chance to try our Abandoned Cart Recovery feature yet? Well, now it’s better than ever: not only you can remind your potential customers what’s lying cozily in their cart, you can actually see whether they finalize the purchase.

And many more!

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