#SocialMedia sends profile updates, conducts surveys and promotes its cryptocurrency

The global social network uses emails and pushes for engaging users, increasing their activity, retention and improving other key metrics (also known as ASKfm) is a global social networking site built on a Q&A format, where users can create profiles and send each other questions.


The social network needs to inform its users from all over the world about the news and updates related to their profiles, conduct marketing surveys, deliver service messages, increase user activity and promote the ASKfm cryptocurrency (AskCoin).


ASKfm turned to Pushwoosh for truly powerful marketing tools, and that's what exactly what we provided. The global social network uses push notifications and emails to keep users from 192 countries active and updated on the company's services and products.

The total amount of monthly active users is currently over 12.6 million, with 8.6 million subscribed to push notifications. Over 500 million notifications are sent by ASKfm monthly, and their Click-Through Rate is truly impressive - on average it's 12-13% (users tend to answer the questions they receive right away).

ASKfm speaks 202 languages, when it comes to push notifications and 48 languages, when it comes to emails. Push notifications and emails are also used for delivering service messages. ASKfm has significantly increased user retention, reminding those who abandoned their profiles to come back and check out all the amazing updates and news related to the platform. Besides, ASKfm has its own cryptocurrency - AskCoin - which is given to active users for answering and asking questions. Push notifications and emails allow ASKfm to inform users about that, making AskCoin one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market.

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