Avianca Airlines automates its loyalty program with Pushwoosh Geozones

Frequent flyers are reminded to earn and spend reward miles when they shop with LifeMiles partners.

Avianca is a Latin-American air carrier with a park of 200 planes and more than 6000 daily flights.


Avianca needs to increase customer engagement with the LifeMiles Loyalty Program and encourage frequent flyers to spend and earn reward miles, which will result in selling more tickets and raising revenue.


Avianca uses Pushwoosh geo-based automation to remind frequent flyers to spend their reward miles on trips, purchases from Avianca partners, retailers, gas stations, hotels and banks, strengthening their loyalty even further. When LifeMiles members are shopping with one of the company’s Commercial Partners, they receive messages about how they can earn miles with their current purchase or spend miles on the partner’s products and services. Being highly relevant and well-timed, these push notifications have a sky-high response rate and boost customer engagement. Avianca sends over 100 000 notifications daily and has over 250 000 monthly active users. Avianca now has 5 times bigger audience than the year before.

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