Citynet ( delivers sports news to its audience at lightning speed

Israeli sports media instantly notifies its users of score changes and other hot news with the help of High-Speed Push Notifications.

Citynet (, one of the biggest Israeli online sports media, keeps Hebrew-speaking audience posted on the latest sports news.


Sending live score notifications requires high-speed delivery in order to let users know about a goal as soon it's been scored. When it comes to sports news, it's extremely important to deliver relevant and time-sensitive content to subscribers’ phone screens at lightning speed.


To notify sports fans of score changes and other news without delays, implemented Pushwoosh High-Speed Delivery. Our new powerful and highly reliable technology allows sending up to 300 000 notifications per second! That's at least 100 times faster than the average speed of a push notification. When dealing with time-sensitive content, high-speed notifications are truly an essential tool. Citynet combines High-Speed Delivery with careful segmentation to provide readers with relevant content based on their preferences.

As a result, monthly audience has grown to 350 000+ unique monthly active users. Having been our loyal partner for 4 years, Citynet has grown its total userbase to almost 1 million active devices (steady growth 250 000+/year). Sending 5-25 million notifications a day, Citynet attracts over 60 000 unique readers daily.

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