Over 100 000 V/Line passengers are kept updated on all service changes

V/Line provides regular commuters with important service updates via Pushwoosh API automation.

V/Line is an Australian government-owned company operating regional passenger train and coach services in Australia.


Every week more than 2000 trains travel between Melbourne and neighbouring Victorian cities. Thousands of people rely on train and coach services for their daily commute, so it is very important to keep them updated with up-to-the-minute information about delays and other service changes.


Using Pushwoosh Segmentation with a wide range of variables, V/Line sends notifications to its customers via fully automated API requests. Passengers receive reminders about their planned journeys and are kept updated on the changes in train schedules. V/Line now has over 40 000 monthly active users, having grown a 6 times bigger audience in one year. More than 100 000 users are subscribed to V/Line push notifications, and more than 70 000 notifications are sent to them daily. V/Line relies heavily on Pushwoosh API automation, and the company has never experienced any issues whatsoever, keeping its customers timely informed of all important changes!

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