#Media keeps its users timely warned about local weather conditions

The weather forecasting portal sends millions of push notifications to inform users about possible storms, fog, glaze, heat and other weather conditions that can affect their lives. is the most popular weather forecasting portal in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other counties of the European Union. It informs its users about local weather conditions, offers accurate forecasts, precipitation maps, satellite photos and more.


People need to be timely informed about the weather conditions that can affect their lives. If the weekend will be foggy, better warn them, so that they can cancel their road trip. If a storm is coming, they should be alerted immediately in order to get prepared!

Solution applied advanced Pushwoosh segmentation tools to automate delivery of weather forecasts based on users' preferences. Wetter mobile app and website subscribers can choose what types of alerts they want to receive, depending on what weather conditions interest them the most.

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The multi-level subscription settings allow users to receive only those types of notifications that they deem important (rain, thunder, storm, heat, etc.) and set different priority levels for each type. As a result, 5 million users receive highly relevant messages when they need it the most. app has 12 million monthly active users with 5 million active devices (2x growth in 2018). Sending at least 30 million push notifications a month with the average Click-Through Rate at 5-7%, stays a highly reliable source of weather forecasts and keeps growing its userbase.

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