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How to integrate Pushwoosh SDK into your Titanium project

Supports iOS, Android

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To integrate Pushwoosh into your Appcelerator Titanium application, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the Push Notifications Module and put it in your Modules folder.

2. Enable this module in tiapp.xml as per Appcelerator guide.

3. Initialize module and register for push notifications:

var pushwoosh = require('com.pushwoosh.module');

pushwoosh.onPushReceived(function(e) {
	var message = e.message;
  // shows a push is received. Implement passive reaction to a push, such as UI update or data download.

pushwoosh.onPushOpened(function(e) {
  var message = e.message;
  // shows a user tapped the notification. Implement user interaction, such as showing push details.

    "application" : "ENTER_PUSHWOOSH_APPID_HERE",

  function(e) {
        var pushToken = e.registrationId;
        // handle successful push registration here
    function(e) {
        var errorMessage = e.error;
        // handle push registration error here