Migration from Parse

Automatic Migration from Parse to Pushwoosh

We're sorry to see Parse go and we are welcoming Parse users. To make life easy, we've built an import tool to migrate all your push data from Parse to Pushwoosh in a blink of an eye.

It imports all device tokens, Parse channelsand takes care of current iOS badge and timezone values.

The imported tags are:
1. First Install
2. Last Application Open
3. Channels
4. Language

From now on all devices imported from Parse are displayed in control panel. Note that you can send push notifications only to push-available devices, i.e. those with device tokens.

Must-know info for Android developers

If you used the default Parse configuration settings and didn’t register your own GCM sender ID and GCM Server key, all your GCM tokens belong to Parse. It means that you can use the default Sender ID and API key registered in Parse only to send push notifications via Parse. You can’t migrate these device tokens to a different push service since you don’t have Parse’s Server Key. In this sense, these tokens are gone for good. The only real solution is, start collecting new push tokens as soon as you can.

For more information, check out our blog post.


In case you are planning to use your Parse Channels, keep in mind that Segmentation is available starting from developer plan. In Pushwoosh we've got Tags, which are pretty similar to Parse Channels.

All you have to do is:

0. Register your Pushwoosh account; no credit card required.

1. Create an application in Pushwoosh Control Panel or select an existing app and click "Configure".

2. Press "Migrate from Parse"/

3. Enter your Parse Application ID and Parse Master Key

4. Wait until the migration is over.

That's it!

Channels from Parse are imported as Parse Channels List tags.

Pushwoosh Parse Adapter for Parse Server

Run your push campaign at full power with our new mighty tool – Pushwoosh Parse Adapter . Host your Parse-backend App anywhere and use the full array of Pushwoosh features.


npm install --save pushwoosh-parse-adapter


var PushwooshPushAdapter = require('pushwoosh-parse-adapter');
var pushwooshPushAdapter = new PushwooshPushAdapter({
  applicationCode: 'your-pushwoosh-app-id',
  apiAccessKey: 'your-pushwoosh-api-key'

var api = new ParseServer({
  push: {
    adapter: pushwooshPushAdapter