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Audience engagement, gauging customer loyalty or product promotion – In-App messages come in handy in a number of specific business issues.

Business cases where In-App messages work best

Grab more 5-star ratings in app store MORE INFO
Net Promoter Score (NPS): surveying audience loyalty levels MORE INFO


Customer conversation is the core of future marketing. In-App Messaging is a smart personalized service that lets you interact with your audience exactly at the right moments.
know the needs of your audience get useful feedback and improvement suggestions choose the time to communicate

Grab more 5-star ratings in app store

Selectively address the most satisfied users of your app who are most likely to return the highest ratings. High ratings take your app to the top positions in store ratings – which means audience expansion with minimal investments.

  • Certainly, you want to showcase your ratings right away. Hold your horses – your audience core is made up of the users returning three days after registration.
  • If you are using Crashlytics, you may want to put on hold showing the In-App Message to those users who have recently experienced a crash of your app.
  • Show the In-App message at the moment the users receive positive feedback for their actions – thus creating positive reinforcement. This can be the moment the user achieves a key goal in the app.
  • Select an event or a chain of events in the app marking the most positive moment of user experience with the app. Show the In-App message at these moments. This cuts off the negative-minded audience from the survey.
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Net Promoter Score (NPS): surveying audience loyalty levels

Surveys estimate the level of the audience satisfaction with your application. At the same time, they divert negative feedback away from public exposure directly to your market strategists and encourage improvement suggestions from unsatisfied customers. The solution here is NPS, a 0 to 10 scale asking how likely the customer would recommend the app to their friends and colleagues.

  • Сustomers who have visited your app after 14 days and later since their registration are most likely to adequately evaluate your app since they are familiar with its main features. Create a separate segment for such customers.
  • If your app is targeted at different audience groups, create a separate NPS survey for each group. This will help you see the needs of each audience segment and develop an improvement strategy for each group. For instance, if you have paying and non-paying audiences, the free segment is normally several times larger. It makes sense to evaluate loyalty separately for each audience group.
  • Show the In-App message the moment the user achieves a particular goal in the app. At this moment, the user’s involvement is peaked and they can give adequate feedback. For instance, if you are an online store, do not show the NPS the moment of purchase; instead, show it after delivery confirmation.
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