My name is Gabriel Hernan Vion, I am a young game developer from Argentina. I work in a small digital agency called Quadramma as Interactive Designer.

I was using Unity3d to make an application for a client which needed to have Push Notifications in order to send useful information to their users. As it was my first time working with iOS systems I didn't know where to start. So I googled the problem and tried several different approaches to it, but non of them seemed to work correctly. After dealing with intricate solutions and wasting a lot of time failing I came a across Pushwoosh... And it was Amazing! I couldn't believe how easy it seemed to be!

No tricky coding, no weird systems or plug-ins, no tedious configurations or hours of testing! It was wonderful! Just follow four simple steps and you are good to go! Easy as that!

And if you happen to have any kind of problem, their caring customer support service will provide the assistance that you need.

I am definitely recommending Pushwoosh to my co-workers. And I am planing on using it on my future projects.

Gabriel Hernan Vion

Interactive Designer



Happy holidays, everyone!

Did you know that you can select Pushwoosh as your service at Zapier? If you do not want to create your own backend, but you would like to simply the hassle of all of your web apps talking to each other, you can pick two of them and trigger an event if one of them following an event in the other.

For instance, you can set up push notifications being sent automatically upon creation of a new webinar in your GoToMeeting account.

You can now connect Pushwoosh to over 100 services and there is no coding required. We believe that easy and elegant solutions like Zapier are the next generations of services which will save time and efforts for many of our customers!