Introducing Message Inbox

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Message inbox

Let users to return to your offer! Increase the conversion rates by saving
promotional messages to Inbox.

Keep promo codes and pushes about special offers or sales directly in your app.
Draw customers' attention to the messages in their Inbox and keep them informed.
Significantly increase user engagement and ROI of your push marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance communication

    Push notifications have unquestionable merits. But they miss one thing: users cannot re-read the messages you send. Remove this weak spot with Pushwoosh Message Inbox and perfect the communication with your audience!

  • Make your offers easy to reach

    Sometimes it's vital to give your audience time to think about your offer. Boost the impact of your sales and special offers! Save the most important promotional messages directly to your app, where users can always reach them.

  • Increase CTR and revenue

    When you save the message to Inbox, Pushwoosh keeps all of its content along with the text, including URLs, Deep Links, and Rich Media pages. Users can perform the message's action whenever they prefer, which drives a great increase in conversion rates!

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