Email Verification

This guide covers domain and email addresses verification

Only verified domains and email addresses can be used in your email messages. To verify a domain, follow the steps below. First of all, you have to open the Add email tab in the Pushwoosh Control Panel.

Domain Verification

1. Add a domain to the Domains list and click Verify.


The domain name should not contain non-ASCII characters. In case it does, please encode the domain name with Punycode as described in RFC3492.

2. The domain you added will appear in the Domains list with the “Pending” status and domain's token.

3. Copy token and add it to your domain’s TXT record.

All the information about your domain is contained in a set of Domain Name System (DNS) records. A TXT record is a type of DNS records providing additional text information about the domain. For example, if you’re verifying the, a TXT record should consist of Name and Value as follows:NameTypeValue





Copy here the domain token generated in the previous step

4. Sign in to your domain's account on DNS provider’s website.

To check whether that particular DNS provider serves the domain you’re verifying, use free Whois services.

5. Add the TXT record to your domain’s DNS records.

6. If the TXT record is published correctly, your domain’s status on the Domains list will change to “Verified”.

Verification process usually takes from 5 to 10 minutes. In some cases, it might take up to 24 hours. If the domain’s not verified after 24 hours, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can check by yourself whether your domain's DNS records updated correctly by following the procedure described in the Amazon How to Check Domain Verification Settings guide.

When at least one domain is verified, you can add email addresses to the Emails list.

Email Address Verification

1. Choose the verified domain from the drop-down.

2. Enter the email address local-part – the part preceding "at" (@) sign. Click Verify.


Please note that the email address local-part may only contain 7-bit ASCII characters.

3. We will send a verification email to the address you're verifying. Please check the inbox and follow the instructions in the Sender Address Verification email to complete the verification process.

4. Once the verification is completed, the status of the email address will change to "Verified" so you can configure Email platform for particular apps and send emails.