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Secure Push Notifications

Push notifications provide fast and effective communication for multiple industries: from Gamedev to Retail. Alas, verticals requiring special treatment to sensitive information couldn’t benefit from the technology use as nothing protected the data. For example, the Finance vertical suffers severe losses up to 40 billion dollars per just a year.

Financial Industry slips, unable to benefit from fast push notifications

In general, using 3rd party solutions is quite risky because they most likely have access to your customers’ personal information. What’s even more frustrating companies like Apple or Google that process push notifications can also read the unencrypted data.

To make the whole technology safe to use, Pushwoosh has developed secure push notifications.

Pushwoosh Brings Solution

Let's explore the way Pushwoosh helps keep your data safe on a clear example. A credit bank that sends secure push notifications with Pushwoosh reaches out to a customer.

How secure push notifications work

First, the device generates a pair of asymmetric keys: private and public. Information encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted with the private key located on the device. In case a phone, tablet or even connection is compromised, the key cannot be taken away by any means.

Then the device sends the public key to the bank through Pushwoosh SDK. Every single message is encrypted with a different key. Next, the encrypted push notification is sent via the Pushwoosh cloud infrastructure to Google and Apple. At this point, no party can read the push notification as only the recipient device has the key to decrypt the message.

Finally, the device decrypts the message with its private key, so an app user can read the notification. Even if a malware is present on the device it wouldn’t be able to read the data.


Pushwoosh makes secure push notifications possible and allows clients to have full control over sensitive data. Client is provided with a software to install in their data center allowing RSA 4096-bit end-to-end data encryption.

With secure push notifications, you can send any information valuable to your customers: transactional messages, credit offers, new services promotion, etc. In addition, secure push notifications help to achieve exceptional marketing results and high customer satisfaction with less costs than SMS.

Secure push notifications outcomes for Financial Industry

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