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Conversion Tracking – knowledge is power

Lord Bacon’s point still stands, and now stronger than ever. In every line of work and every area of expertise, the more you know, the better. This is what makes our Conversion Tracking feature invaluable: in business, even a tiny inaccuracy might entail a huge difference in profits. Marketing is complex and delicate, and sometimes campaign’s results aren’t as spectacular as you have hoped. But that’s just an opportunity to improve, and we know just how!

Conversion Tracking provides you with unprecedented amounts of intel. In addition to default statistics such as the number of pushes sent and opened, you get custom statistics, tailor-made for your business. Now you know exactly how many people your push re-engaged and how much revenue it gave you. No more guessing!

Some of your marketing campaigns are inevitably going to do better than others. Now you can see which brought you most revenue, analyze why, and use this knowledge to improve your marketing strategies.

How it works

You can specify your campaign goals in advance. The goal can be any action you’d like users to perform: reading an article, watching a video, adding a product to the shopping cart or making a purchase.

Suppose you want to re-engage your dormant users by means of a Retention Autopush with a nice and shiny discount coupon attached. Conversion Tracking shows you how effective that push campaign is:

  • how many of your users went to see your goods
  • how many added anything to the shopping cart
  • how many bought anything.

Later, your push statistics shows the exact number of how many people finalized the purchase. What proves the success of a marketing campaign better than that?


When it comes to marketing, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of content relevance. Conversion Tracking allows you to greatly improve upon this crucial matter. By comparing results of several push campaigns, you can establish what buzzwords work best for your business. Effective keywords and buzzwords guarantee effective marketing campaigns, which in turn guarantee users’ engagement and increased revenue.

What’s equally important is that you can use Conversion Tracking to keep track of campaigns that don’t do so well. That’s what you want to focus on! Ill-timed or irrelevant campaigns tend to be very harmful for your business. Polish those, and instead of a potentially bothersome notification you get a great entertaining and engaging message. Imagine the turnaround!

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