High-velocity messages for the sake of your business

We do our best to improve Pushwoosh services constantly, and one of the recent improvements is an incredibly rapid push notifications delivery.

The high-speed world demands every single action to be high-speed as well. The faster you are, the more benefits you gain. Regarding digital marketing, it means your communication with customers should be real-time to deliver value. For those industries where send rate is a crucial element of marketing success, it’s vital to be always on time. And there’s a way to!

Inform millions of sports fans about a turning point of a deciding match right at the time it occurs? Provide users with the hottest up-to-the-minute news? Nothing is impossible with our unique High-Speed Delivery feature allowing to send 1,000,000 push notifications in 2 seconds.

Provide your customers with time-sensitive and highly relevant content! Give us a message and we’ll show you how to achieve your business goals with the High-Speed Delivery.