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It took us just minutes! to integrate Pushwoosh API with our mobile apps' backend CMS, and that's because of their easy to follow API guidelines and -ready to deploy- examples that made us focus entirely into our frontend instead and let Pushwoosh do the rest.

The best part? there is a guide for almost every mobile platform out there so it's a MUST-HAVE solution for agile teams and faster development.

Excellent service & highly recommended.

Francisco Núñez

Senior Application Developer



Pushwoosh is well-documented and very easy to integrate. It is nice to have a reliable cross-platform plugin for Unity3D. We love that we can use the Pushwoosh API via our own server to customize push notifications as needed.

Chad Antonson

Purple Penguin


As a Mobile Software Consultant, I'm always on the lookout for services and products that help me meet the needs of my clients.

One such service that has helped me with multiple clients is PushWoosh because of its simplicity and affordability. The value my clients have received from this service far outweighs the cost and the ease of use has allowed me to spend less time implementing push notifications so that I can focus on the core business concerns.

Mahlon Gumbs


MMG Consulting Services, Inc.