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Push Notification

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Improve what you can measure - use detailed campaign statistics with metrics such as application open, push sent/open rate, install numbers and more.

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  • Statistics

    Measure app installs and opens, push subscription, sent & open rates, all tag data statistics, and much more.

  • Segmentation

    Use segmentation to make your marketing campaigns even more relevant to your app users - with Tags you can build any kinds of segments, and precisely target your audience.

  • Geozone

    Try real-time location-based feature to send automated push notifications to users entering a specific area. Send your sale offers, discount alerts and welcoming messages automatically!

  • Twitter Feeds

    You can set up Pushwoosh to automatically send push notifications based on the content from Twitter – be it new tweets or certain mentions.

  • Multi-Language

    Speak to your users in their language - we have all necessary tools for it in place, you only need to pick the right words

  • Rich Media

    Go beyond plain text and emoji - build deeply customized Rich Media pages that can contain images, embed video, CTAs and other media content your users can interact with.

  • Personalization

    Personalize your push campaigns by modifying the message content with corresponding Tag values that you collect from your users. You can address your users by name, and use any of their preferences in the message to make it relevant for every single user.

  • Deep Linking

    Make the user experience smooth and easy: with deep links you can directly open specific sections of your application when a user taps the push.

  • Autopush

    Automate some or even all of your push campaigns by setting up the target audience segment and frequency, and Pushwoosh will send messages based upon these rules automatically.

  • Tags

    Collect additional data from your users as Tags - gender, city and DOB, or the amount of money spent on in-app purchases. Then use this data for precise segmentation, personal communication, push automation and analytics.

  • RSS feeds

    Connect your RSS feed to your Pushwoosh application, and we will automatically notify your users about new entries in the feed.

  • Private Cloud

    Assure maximum stability via dedicated virtual server on your own Private Cloud. Your push notifications campaigns won't be affected by any incidental issues on the public cloud.

  • In-App Messaging

    Reach out to your users when the context is right - display deeply customizable rich content in-app banners and full-screen interstitials in response to their interaction with your app.

  • Timezone Sensitive

    Send push notifications according to users’ time zone. Make your push messages well-timed for every specific user and, as a result, more appealing.

  • Huge Volume

    Make sure Pushwoosh is a service of high scalability. Whether you have a handful or ten million devices, your push campaigns will be running smoothly.

  • Team Access

    Invite other Pushwoosh users to access your account and work together. Create User Groups and provide them with a necessary access level, according to their tasks.

  • A/B Tests

    Perform A/B tests on your audience to figure out which push configuration works better for you.

  • High Speed

    Get ready to experience a warp speed while sending push notifications. Every single day we send 250+ million pushes, and we do it blazingly fast!

  • Presets

    Save your push notification as a push preset and re-use it as many times as you want.

  • Campaign

    Organize all pushes you send out daily. Plan your marketing, educational or entertainment push campaigns and observe them reaching the goals you set.





"We’ve been happy Pushwoosh customers for many years.

Haaretz uses the service primarily to send breaking news on national and worldwide events, in a fast, efficient way. Every time users hear our signature alert, they know we’ve got something important to tell them. Our team found push alerts to be a very efficient way for us to communicate breaking and markets-moving news quickly and in real time. We’ve become real friends with Pushwoosh people, knowing they’d always listen and help."


Chief Product Officer

"Pushwoosh is an amazing service that helps you keep your users entertained.

Once we had a campaign with notifications run so fast, we got an enormous 30% surge of unique visits at once. Luckily enough, we deal with millions of users on a daily basis, and our servers are of impressive capacity to handle any added load momentarily. If you want to give a little push to your users, there is nothing better than push notification campaign done right. If you need speed and precision, Pushwoosh is the best choice to get it delivered."


Founder & CEO Prisma labs inc.

"The Colts have always been dedicated and committed to our fans, their experience and ability to receive updates as they happen in real-time.

By giving fans an enhanced experience, they know that the Official Colts App will be the first place to receive this information."


Director of Digital Platforms for the Indianapolis Colts

"The ability for the Chargers Fans to receive up-to-the-minute scores, player updates, interviews and video via our mobile app has taken us one step further towards our commitment to the fan experience."


Director of Digital for the San Diego Chargers

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