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When one-off playing turns into a habit, an occasional gamer converts into a paying customer. Monetize your gaming app user base with engaging messaging fueled by Pushwoosh.
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with Pushwoosh's solutions for gaming

app revenue
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One platform to convert into

Keep your players engaged to boost stickiness and reduce churn using repeating push notifications
Catch gamers at the highest point of excitement and increase conversion to making in-app purchases
Increase your sales and revenue with effective personalized offers — make best use of segmentation tools and triggered events

daily visitors

paying users

loyal subscribers

Omnichannel multilanguage communication

Communicate in a language your users understand via the winning channels. Put your mix of pushes, in-apps, and emails into play.

Recurring communications on a custom schedule

Keep scaling your number of active users with engaging daily and weekly deals and challenges.
Drive your app monetization with automated communications that increase the game session frequency and promote paid content.

Event-triggered messaging based on user behavior

Get all the tools to personalize your messages to the player’s in-game performance, completed purchases, and session duration.

Attribute- and event-based segmentation

Grow your app audience
Increase your game ratings
by sending out push notifications with referral promotions
by gathering players' feedback at the moments when they’re the happiest
Retain users and reduce churn
with alluring rich media push notifications and in-app messages

Engage, retain, and monetize game app users like the strongest players

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Pushwoosh delivers exceptional content and high-impact insights backed by solid data:

  • Exclusive research
  • Best practices
  • Industry guides

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