Pushwoosh vs. OneSignal:
Complete Comparison

Pushwoosh vs. OneSignal
OneSignal compared to Pushwoosh
OneSignal vs. Pushwoosh
Pushwoosh compared to OneSignal
Choosing between Pushwoosh and OneSignal?
Look into what differs one customer engagement platform from another and choose the optimal solution to your business needs.

Reasons to choose Pushwoosh over OneSignal

Pushwoosh vs. OneSignal multichannel workflows
Event-triggered multichannel workflows
Pushwoosh vs. OneSignal cross-channel
Cross-channel campaign scheduling
and analytics
Pushwoosh vs. OneSignal for marketers
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Pushwoosh vs. OneSignal pricing
Best value for money

What's the difference between Pushwoosh and OneSignal?

Pushwoosh is an advanced customer engagement platform suitable for non-developers. It makes marketing communication personalized, automated, and accessible for any size of business.

The platform contains features for effective broadcast and triggered messaging, including a customer journey builder. Users can send push notifications, in-app messages, and emails to 22 platforms.

Top advantages:

- Automated workflows (a built-in Customer Journey tool);
- Convenient UI for non-developers;
- Several plans and custom pricing to fit any business needs and capabilities.

Best for: Mobile marketers and product managers to conduct single- and multichannel campaigns, automate deeply personalized communication, and obtain exhaustive analytics.
OneSignal allows developers to introduce marketing communication to an app. If you don’t have a technology team at your disposal, the platform implementation will be quite a challenge.

OneSignal has a sufficient variety of messaging features.

Top advantages:

- Sufficient single-channel messaging features;
- Developer-oriented UI;
- Free basic functionality for small projects.

Best for: Either app development teams at an early stage (who will use a free version) or fully grown enterprises (who can afford to buy the most expensive OneSignal subscription).

Feature comparison:
Pushwoosh vs. OneSignal

Disclaimer: all the information on the available features, pricing, and ratings is valid as of February 2, 2021. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please contact our support team. For more information on Pushwoosh features, you may request a personal product tour. To discover Pushwoosh plans and limits, please visit the pricing page.

Broad feature overview

Personalization and Segmentation

(possibility to send customized content to individual users and user segments, based on user device settings, personal data, and behavior)

Automated messaging & workflows

Extra features


Pushwoosh vs. OneSignal pricing

The main issue with OneSignal pricing used to be their free plan. It granted access to OneSignal’s basic messaging features in exchange for users’ data that was passed to third-party advertisers. This is no more the case; however, another important issue remains.

As soon as an app exceeds 10K subscribers, its owner has to move from OneSignal’s free plan to one of the paid subscriptions. The prices, as users complain on review platforms, are too high for the working capacities OneSignal provides.

Ironically, OneSignal appears to be of the price range for either the smallest apps (who use a free plan) or enterprises (who are ready to invest hundreds of dollars monthly into a customer engagement software).

Pushwoosh looks more reasonable in its pricing. There are several ready-made plans for developers and marketers, or you can request a custom plan. It will include all the advanced features for personalized messaging and automated event-triggered multichannel communication. Either way, the final cost will be more accessible for SMBs and cost-efficient for any company’s budget.

User reviews: Pushwoosh vs. OneSignal

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What type of companies choose Pushwoosh

More than 80,000 businesses across the globe have used Pushwoosh to boost customer engagement. Media, telecom, banking, healthcare, gaming, sports, delivery, and travel apps choose Pushwoosh for efficient cross-channel messaging.

Pushwoosh can meet the needs of SMBs and enterprise businesses.
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