Estimate the efficiency of your marketing efforts with comprehensive statistics


Estimate the efficiency of your campaigns with detailed statistical data. Get to know which types of messages are more impactful, what is an engagement level of your app’s users, and how to improve your marketing with Pushwoosh statistics. Check out the key metrics of your marketing campaigns and make informed decisions!

Message statistics

For each message you send we collect and store statistics including key metrics:

  • push sent - total number of messages sent to users' devices,

  • push delivered - the number of messages delivered successfully,

  • push opened - the number of messages opened by recipients,

  • CTR (click-through rate) - a percentage of recipients opened the message.

To see the statistics, go to the Message History section of your account. Here, you can see statistics for all messages sent to all apps.

To look at statistics of the particular app, go to the Message History section of that app. You will be taken to account's Message History with the corresponding Application filter applied.

Use Search by filter to sort out messages by Notification ID, Notification Code, Application, or Campaign.

Here, you can specify the Source to filter messages sent via the Control Panel, via API, or other sources.

You can check out statistics separately for any platform you send pushes to.

The Conversion Tracking presents data of desired actions performed by users after receiving a push. The Conversion Rate is the ratio of conversions to push opens. In the Conversion Tracking table you can see conversion rates for each Event set up for the app.

Campaign statistics

Merging several messages into one campaign, you can keep track of the whole campaign’s efficiency. Combine messages intended to reach the same goals and see how they work together. Campaign statistics present the same metrics as push statistics but collected for all messages associated with that campaign.

To learn more about Campaigns, please refer to our guide.

Application statistics

Our Advanced Statistics feature allows you to keep track of your push notification. It includes statistics for each separate application, that shows rate of notifications opened to notifications sent:

Application stats includes the User Engagement chart:

There is also a table view for application statistics:

Total statistics

Statistics section of the Pushwoosh Control Panel presents the statistical data for all messages sent from your account in total. You can check out statistics for different platforms separately or all together, including Total pushes sent and Total pushes opened metrics.

Stats’ table view contains these metrics detailed for every day of the chosen period.

Stats for Tags is presented with bar/pie charts and maps:

Country Tag stats - a map
City Tag stats - a map
Device model Tag stats - a pie chart
Language Tag stats - a bar chart