Telepizza automates location-based and broadcast notifications about special offers

Geozones and broadcast push notifications help Telepizza drive sales and make $2400+ from one push.

Telepizza is one of the largest pizza restaurant chains worldwide. Operating in Spain, UK, Switzerland and other countries of the European Union, South America and the Middle East, it has a wide range of location-based special offers and events.


The company needs to notify customers about special offers and local events at the nearest pizza restaurants in order to increase sales and revenue.


Using customizable push notifications for different geozones, Telepizza informs its customers about local special offers at high-impact moments. As soon as a customer enters a certain geozone (usually 300-500 meters away from a restaurant), they get a push notification about a special offer (for example: "Pizza of the week" for a special price). It's a combination of the perfect time and the perfect place that gives amazing results and high conversion rates!

Broadcast push notifications about special offers also increase the company’s revenue significantly. Telepizza app has more than 850 000 subscribers that receive push notifications. Broadcast notifications usually have 0,8% CTR and 4-7% conversion rate, which means that one notification brings Telepizza 300-450 orders ($2400-$3600, considering the minimum order value = $8). Pushwoosh provides companies with truly powerful marketing tools!

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