Here at pushwoosh we have magnificent solutions for:

Reach and entertain app users
drive engagement with app
My product needs a push on the market

  • Unlimited messages
  • Rich push notifications
  • Multi-language support
  • 15 platforms in 1 service
  • One editor for all
  • Remote API

PUSH UP SALES with segmentation
PROMOTE your products on LOCATION
TRACK YOUR CAMPAIGN with real-time stats

Push Statistics Location and real time based push notifications
  • Segments, tags and filters
  • Location based push notifications
  • Real time location push notifications
  • Track performance of your campaign


  • API
  • We are multiplatform
  • Custom data
  • Multi-login accounts

DEDICATED SERVER for serious load
GUARANTEED delivery time

  • Dedicated server instance
  • Priority support
  • Blazing push delivery time
  • Serious service for high load
  • Custom-level Service Agreement
1 service - send push notifications on 14 platforms

Explore our brilliant service with the free Pushwoosh account and send unlimited push notifications to up to one million devices!
Engage your users, stay in touch with your customers, and push up your sales with a single easy-to-use service.

  • Unlimited messages
  • Rich push notifications
  • Multi-language support
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Pushwoosh clients
Pushwoosh clients
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Since we've been using Pushwoosh there have been 2 occasions where we have needed to get hold of their support team. Normally when dealing with international companies one sends a mail, yet we don't have much faith that our problems will be attended to. On both occasions where we required support assistance we were contacted by members of the Pushwoosh support team within a couple of hours and our issues were resolved. The efficient service did not however end there as we received follow up emails after everything had been resolved to ensure that our account was working correctly and that we were happy with what had been done.

We have been so impressed by the service offered by the Pushwoosh team. It's a pleasure to deal with them - nothing is ever too much hassle to sort out.

Thanks again to Dmitry and the Pushwoosh team for your ongoing incredible support.

Raedene Reardon

Co-founder & Managing Member

Floodlight Studios


Our company is now using Unity 3D for a couple of major games in development and it became clear we wanted to benefit from this amazing work done by Pushwoosh team. It requires minimum efforts on our side and delivers functionality which is essential for most of the gaming projects.

Olga Zobova

Head of Mobile Games Publishing

Alawar Entertainment

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