Here at pushwoosh we have magnificent solutions for:

Reach and entertain app users
drive engagement with app
My product needs a push on the market

  • Unlimited messages
  • Rich push notifications
  • Multi-language support
  • 15 platforms in 1 service
  • One editor for all
  • Remote API

PUSH UP SALES with segmentation
PROMOTE your products on LOCATION
TRACK YOUR CAMPAIGN with real-time stats

Push Statistics Location and real time based push notifications
  • Segments, tags and filters
  • Location based push notifications
  • Real time location push notifications
  • Track performance of your campaign


  • API
  • We are multiplatform
  • Custom data
  • Multi-login accounts

DEDICATED SERVER for serious load
GUARANTEED delivery time

  • Dedicated server instance
  • Priority support
  • Blazing push delivery time
  • Serious service for high load
  • Custom-level Service Agreement
1 service - send push notifications on 14 platforms

Explore our brilliant service with the free Pushwoosh account and send unlimited push notifications to up to one million devices!
Engage your users, stay in touch with your customers, and push up your sales with a single easy-to-use service.

  • Unlimited messages
  • Rich push notifications
  • Multi-language support
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Pushwoosh clients
Pushwoosh clients
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What’s nice about Pushwoosh is they have a free offering with basic push features to get you started and their service applies to multiple platforms in general as well as offering plugins and samples for PhoneGap applications targeting iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. I noticed there also appears to be a plugin available and supported with PhoneGap Build. With all the PhoneGap support it seemed like a great service to blog about in addition to my recent push notification posts.


I was very impressed with the support I received while trying out this service. They were quick to respond with meaningful information and went out of their way to add some additional code to aid in some specific testing I was doing to try out their geozones offering which I will be posting about specifically next.

Holly Schinsky

Senior Application Developer


As a Mobile Software Consultant, I'm always on the lookout for services and products that help me meet the needs of my clients.

One such service that has helped me with multiple clients is PushWoosh because of its simplicity and affordability. The value my clients have received from this service far outweighs the cost and the ease of use has allowed me to spend less time implementing push notifications so that I can focus on the core business concerns.

Mahlon Gumbs


MMG Consulting Services, Inc.

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