Feature Add-ons

Feature add-ons

Connecting with your growing audience requires delicate and precise approach, and we want to make the process easier for you! We’ve designed three major Add-ons to our public plans to help you improve your business.

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Personalization and Targeting

Keep your users engaged and increase the conversion rate of your campaigns.

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Marketing Automation

Effortless automated pushes to help you solve your business goals.

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In-App Messaging

Behavior-based marketing tool to increase relevance and CTR.

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Boost conversions, increase relevance and improve the reach of your campaigns. Strengthen your marketing with Pushwoosh Feature Add-ons!

Personalization: address each and every one of your users by their first name. Personalized marketing campaigns improve your audience’s loyalty and drive 19% increase in sales on average!

Tags: use Tags to get and store insights about your audience. Anything you’d like to know: their name or nickname, their interests, or even their kitchen sink’s color. Use this data to generate additional revenue: add Filters and make special offers to small segments of your user base.

Get Personalization and Targeting Feature Add-on and enjoy additional features: Personalization, five extra Filters, five extra Tags and five extra Deep Links.

Your outfit
Hey Jane,
The black skirt you liked is back in stock! Click to order now and get a discount!

Autopushes: a powerful tool allowing you to automatically message your user when a particular set of conditions is met. You can use this feature in numerous ways: to keep your users involved with a Retention Autopush, to engage new users with a Welcome push, to reward your users after they perform a key action, etc.

Presets: time is money, so saving time is saving money! With Push Presets, you decrease the amount of routine work: you only need to specify the configuration of your push once.

Marketing Automation Feature Add-on will give you following features: five extra Autopushes, five extra Push Presets, two extra Test Devices and two extra Applications.

The cinema theater
Hey John,
Don't forget about your reservation today at 8 PM. Enjoy the movie!

In-App Messages: reach 100% of your audience with behavior-based in-app messages that don’t require a prior consent. Design custom subscription prompts, up-sell offers, or product promotions, and display them in response to users’ actions in the app. Make your marketing campaigns incredibly relevant and well-timed!

Events: set up the trigger Events for In-App Messages according to your app’s inner logic and user flow. Use Events as a powerful analytics tool: track and analyze users’ behaviors to drive valuable conversions. Choose the appropriate moment to offer or inform and enjoy the key business metrics increased!

In-App Messaging Add-on contains: ten extra In-Apps, ten extra Events.

Hey Sarah,
We’re happy to give you 15% discount for Children’s Day! Make your kid happy with a fluffy friend!

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