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Feature Add-ons to Pushwoosh plans

Connecting with your growing audience requires delicate and precise approach, and we want to make the process easier for you! We’ve designed two major Add-ons to our public plans to help you improve your business.

Personalization and Targeting

Keep your users engaged and increase the conversion rate of your campaigns

Marketing Automation

Effortless automated pushes to help you solve your business goals


Our solutions

Enjoy additional Pushwoosh Marketing Automation features on your account and improve your push campaigns:

Add-on: Personalizing and Targeting

Personalization: address each and every one of your users by their first name. Personalized marketing campaigns improve your audience’s loyalty and drive 19% increase in sales on average!

Tags: use Tags to get and store insights about your audience. Anything you’d like to know: their name or nickname, their interests, or even their kitchen sink’s color. Use this data to generate additional revenue: add Filters and make special offers to small segments of your user base.

Filters: using insights you got with Tags, drastically increase your campaigns’ relevance. Send messages according to your users’ preferences and interests, making sure they’re always engaged.

Deep Links: open a specific page in your app after your user taps the notification. Deep Links improve conversion rates by removing steps from your marketing funnels: one of our clients reports 60% increase in CTR!

Get Personalization and Targeting Feature Add-on and enjoy additional features: Personalization, five extra Filters, five extra Tags and five extra Deep Links.

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Add-on: Marketing Automation

Autopushes: a powerful tool allowing you to automatically message your user when a particular set of conditions is met. You can use this feature in numerous ways: to keep your users involved with a Retention Autopush, to engage new users with a Welcome push, to reward your users after they perform a key action, etc.

Presets: time is money, so saving time is saving money! With Push Presets, you decrease the amount of routine work: you only need to specify the configuration of your push once.

Test Device: take a look at your message from your users’ point of view! Use additional Test Devices to make sure your pushes look just the way you want them to.

Applications: your business is steadily growing, and so is your audience. Several apps will help you to engage and retain your audience as it gets bigger!

Marketing Automation Feature Add-on will give you following features: five extra Autopushes, five extra Push Presets, two extra Test Devices and two extra Applications.

Get Feature Add-ons in your Control Panel and enjoy Marketing-level features without actually upgrading to Marketing plan!

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