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As we are growing bigger thanks to our users, there’s a necessity to extend our capabilities in order to meet your expectations from the service.

We will be performing a hardware upgrade of our system on Wednesday, 5th of August, 2015, at 8:00 am GMT. The service will be closed for maintenance for approximately 1 hour until 9:00 am GMT. We will do our best to perform this upgrade as fast and smooth as possible.

Please consider this temporary service unavailability while planning your push notification campaigns.

Stay tuned to our Blog and Twitter for updates.

Chrome 45 Updates

Chrome 45 Updates

Jul 23, 2015

Since our announcement on Chrome pushes support, this feature was drawing attention of both web and mobile users.

That is why we would like to point out that Google team has done some changes in the protocol since Chrome 42.

When push was first implemented in Chrome 42, the spec also defined a subscriptionId, which Chrome used to pass a GCM ID to the web app. The spec has since changed and removed subscriptionId, so in Chrome 44 the subscriptionId is appended to the endpoint object with a ‘/’ inbetween, but is still accessible in Chrome 44 legacy reasons. In Chrome 45, the subscriptionId will be completely removed.

Therefore, we highly advise you to get ready for the upcoming Chrome 45:

  • Download the updated script;
  • Make sure you put the correct Pushwoosh APPLICATION CODE in it;
  • Replace the old script on your website with a new one.
As a result web push notifications will work on all Chrome versions starting with 42. We did our best to make the transition as smooth as possible for you!

Please share your questions and concerns, if you have any!

50 Billion Push Notifications

May 15, 2015


Dear friends,

Today truly is a remarkable day in the history of Pushwoosh. We still remember those romantic times some years ago, when we were still a startup counting our first steps, following every million pushes being sent, keeping fingers crossed for our database experiments.

However, we were not alone, we met you, our users. You were testing us out, giving us chances, commenting and discussing, demanding and encouraging. We had to prove ourselves every day, fighting for a lighter SDK, easier integration, shorter guides, faster performance, and, most importantly, the real value behind all these technicalities. We wanted you to believe in the new era of mobile communications that redefines our reality of instant and very personal interactions.

Yes, each push is an interaction. It is not a content generated by us; it’s a small piece of information that flows between you, our users, and your partners, customers, players, passengers, teammates and soulmates, and we are thankful that you let us be a part of it.

How big is this part anyway? Today we celebrate 50 billion push notifications sent from our Public Cloud. 50,000,000,000 if you put it in the language of numbers. It is hard to comprehend anything of such amounts, it does not even seem much from the first glance. If you compare 50 billions to the current population of the Earth, it’s only seven times more. Well, let us put it this way:

If we were sending only one push per second, we would have to start back in 430 AD, almost 1585 years ago, to be done by today.

Luckily, our servers have better performance metrics.

Once again, we would not have done it without you. Please keep up the good work, we look forward to “100 billions and counting”!

Max Konev

The Watch

The Watch

Apr 28, 2015

It really is just getting more and more entertaining. Last week we have announced support for new Google Chrome Pushes, a technology soon-to-become the breakthrough in multi-channel pushes, from a single website to desktops and smartphones around the world.

However, Apple is going to have it in its own way. Do you want to bring it closer and make it personal? You got it!

To start with, all existing apps can make their way to your user’s wrist through push notifications without any changes in the SDK, although we do recommend you to release an update with Apple WatchKit somewhere down the road. We are still experimenting on all the tasks you can perform with this adorable device, however, it is already clear — we are going to have one hell of a journey.

For instance, Star Walk, one of the most beautiful brands we have on board, already launched a new version with Apple Watch support, and we are pleased to get the latest updates straight from heaven in an elegant way you can see on the title image. Next time it would be definitely a good hint to get off your desk and start skygazing!

Not only you get a full-screen notification with the action button (or two, but we’ll get to that later), the Watch is equipped with a Notification Center, just as its big brother, the mighty iPhone:


In this feed you can review your pushes and interact with them, or clear them out. Here comes the first fun fact: if you dismiss the push on your Apple Watch, it will be simultaneously cleared on your iPhone! What does that mean? No more hassle with the mess on all your devices getting notifications at the same time and going through the full messages list on each and every of them one by one.

Yes, you could support this handy feature with custom settings in your app. And yes, now you don’t have to. It just works!

Apple Watch only receives the pushes when it is connected

You need to keep it in mind: Apple Watch is a symbiotic companion for your phone, not a fully separate device. Some call it a second screen, though it is far from truth. It has its own interests, it will keep you going with Activities, it will measure your heart rate and help you with time management. However, if your new friend has to be offline, it is offline. Don’t worry, you will not get spammed by hundreds of missed pushes or calls when it comes back on air. You’ve still got your iPhone, don’t you?

On the other hand, when Apple Watch is online, it takes some burden off your smartphone and people who surround you. If it receives the push, it will make a sound and/or tap you on the wrist (please welcome the haptic technology), and your phone will stay silent. Yes, your watch will take on the full responsibility for delivering the important news to you, and rumor has it the “discreet tap on the wrist” feature alone can make a revolution in business negotiations and public events.

Want to know more? Yes, Apple Watch has something iPhone does not: a summary of multiple pushes. If your iPhone is locked and there has been a dozen or two notifications delivered from the same app, you might not be able to see your wallpaper image behind them. Imagine that happening to a tiny square screen! Apple thought about it as well, and will only show you the summary of how many messages you have received so far:


And yes, there can be more than one button. We are still yet to adjust the behavior of Categories that were introduced in iOS 8, however, it is safe to say that they will interact in a similar way to the interactive pushes. They are being displayed already, and you can try our Demo app to see for yourself. We just all need to get there with full capabilities of Apple WatchKit.

Too many rainbows and unicorns? Well, consider this: the Watch might stop receiving pushes somewhere between 20% and 10% of your remaining battery, and will not warn you about it. There have also been reports some people got so annoyed with Watch pushes they would turn them off completely, but it all really depends on how you treat your audience. Just be respectful!

The main purpose of this review is to give you the idea of the new powerful instrument that makes our pushes truly become a part of users’ life. We live in a fabulous time when new technology or new devices arrive every week, and this one definitely came to stay. Once again we want to remind you that with the great power comes great responsibility.

Don’t be intrusive, talk about what matters, inform, educate, entertain, help out, and may the Force be with you!

Last week we announced support for Chrome web push notifications, which allows you to establish the most convenient channel of communication with your website audience. With 49% desktop browsers market share of Chrome it provides huge opportunities for brands to engage with their audience in a modern and handy manner.

But what’s even more exciting is that Chrome notifications work across desktop and mobile versions of the browser on Android, so there’s no necessity to develop a native mobile application. It means that for the very first time you can reach out to your users regardless of the device they are using, how cool is that?

And, that’s another 27% of the mobile web audience, which is huge, isn’t it?

chrome-on-android-1 chrome-on-android-2

The user experience is the same as with native Android push notifications – they are asked to opt-in once they open your website, and then receive regular push notifications that lead them to your site in Chrome, and that is achieved with one and the same code.

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