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We are happy to release the brand new Pushwoosh iOS SDK. New features, new possibilities, bug fixes and much more! Check the release notes below.

iOS10 Foreground Push Notifications

To enable out-of-the-box foreground pushes in iOS 10, make simple code changes:

[UNUserNotificationCenter currentNotificationCenter].delegate = [PushNotificationManager pushManager].notificationCenterDelegate;

Please note: you can either use Pushwoosh delegate to receive calls or make your own one.

Carthage Support

Pushwoosh now supports dynamic libraries and Carthage, a useful and simple distribution manager for dynamic frameworks. The platform is really intuitive and helps you easily add frameworks to your project.

Pushwoosh Module

Swift integration has never been so seamless! Check the updated guide. By the way, bridging header is not required anymore!

Say “Farewell” to Xcode 7

The new SDK is compatible only with Xcode 8. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of Xcode to use the new features of Pushwoosh iOS SDK.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Jan 23, 2017

Hi everyone!

We are going through the scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, January 24. Starting from 7:00 AM GMT you may experience some connectivity issues.

Private Enterprise clouds won’t be affected. The maintenance is to be performed only on the public shard.

This period will last 5 to 30 minutes, and we are going to be back to normal at 7:30 AM GMT, January 24 at most.

Stay tuned for more updates.

The Rules of the 2016 Pushwoosh Annual Giveaway

The best way for a company to get ahead is to help your clients prosper, there is nothing secret about it. That’s why we’ve been drawing inspiration from customers’ success throughout the years. From one year to the next, we at Pushwoosh have been performing annual giveaways for our clients to express gratitude.

Last year we announced the annual subscription with two free months as a gift. This year we go further and boost the yearly discount for Developer and Marketing Plans. It means you are getting 30% OFF when upgrading your Marketing or Developer subscription to annual. The offer is valid until December 12, 11:59 PM (PST).

2016 Pushwoosh Annual Giveaway

What’s the Point to Upgrade?

Let the digits speak for themselves. Let’s say you have a Marketing 3 paid monthly. It means it costs you $499.95 a month. You can buy annual subscription to pay $419.95 monthly. As can be shown by a little algebra, in that case you can save $960 per year. Fair enough, if you pay for a year in advance. We say: “Not Enough!” and offer you more this time.

By upgrading now, you can save 30% which is $1799.82 per year for Marketing 3. Not bad, right?

Furthermore, this is not only the 2017 is coming, but also a new business year. Usually, it means organizations try to book their business expenses before the end of the year and deduct from the taxes. Seems familiar to you? If it does, we offer you to get your wants and needs met easily.

Offset some revenue and save for your business with 2016 Pushwoosh Annual Giveaway!

Use the Following Promo Codes When Upgrading Your Plan

To annual Developer: AnnualDeveloper2016

To annual Marketing: AnnualMarketing2016

Five easy steps to apply the 30% discount using promo code:

1. Copy the promo code to your clipboard.

2. Follow the link and select either Developer or Marketing annual plan.

3. Confirm your subscription.

4. Paste the promo code into the corresponding field in the top right corner of the screen and click Use button.

5. Fill in the Billing Info fields and click Buy Product.


Pushwoosh Mission Statement

It has always been a number one priority to be client oriented and put the needs of our users ahead of any other types of scenarios. Pushwoosh truly treasurers our clients’ wishes and concerns and therefore, receiving feedback from our dedicated community is taken very seriously. We fully believe in a win-win cooperation and draw inspiration from the customers’ success. That’s why we are united by the commitment to make our product as valuable for every single user as it possible, which is further directed by the feedback and requests we receive from our clients.

In order to provide real value for everyone involved, the product you choose to invest in has to be equally profitable and easy-to-use. Our company scales for clients that are SMB to those that are global Omni-Channel Enterprises, each have their own specific needs and requirements. Thus, Pushwoosh team is working diligently to allow extremely diverse teams running their push campaigns via Pushwoosh to be highly successful and meet their KPI’s and internal requirements.

Release The Demo!

Pushwoosh Demo App

Pushwoosh Demo App

Although the Pushwoosh integration is intentionally designed to be extremely simplified, there is still a need for you to perform some development actions, in order to start sending push notifications. Our goal is to provide marketers with the intuitive onboarding solution and make them independent from their developer teams throughout the entire training process.

For this action to happen, we changed the onboarding process completely and released the Push On application in the App Store. It is the Demo App aimed at showing what Pushwoosh is about regarding its features and functionalities in real time. Once you are done with a test run, you are ready to manage well-calculated push campaigns.

The Latest Scoop

We’ve just released the Pushwoosh Demo App for Android and it’s already available on Google Play. Now you can learn how to use Pushwoosh the way you like it! To test various features of our service you just need to create Pushwoosh account and download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Pushwoosh Demo App is already pre-configured and ready to use!

Try It Out

Pushwoosh Demo App Pushwoosh Demo App

Drop us a line on your experience! We hope our Pushwoosh Demo App was extremely helpful throughout the onboarding. We are always here to receive your feedback and very much welcome all suggestions. It is your feedback that continues to make Pushwoosh the #1 Digital Engagement Platform.

We never stop moving forward and now we are in the process of recording a video tutorial to help you achieve even more with fewer efforts while using the Pushwoosh Demo App. Stay tuned for the updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Pushwoosh At Apps World London

Apps World London

In the middle of October, Pushwoosh attended Apps World London, the huge mobile congress for everything Mobile. The conference aimed to bring together leading technologies and companies looking for ways to maximize ROI from the use of either Native or Web Based Apps. All of the participants had the opportunity to speak, listen and learn about current trends and challenges within the industry and how these companies are looking to overcome specific hurdles. The agenda was at the forefront of addressing relative market Intelligence and information; including numerous presentations, workshops, pitchfork competitions, panel discussions and case studies.

As the leading digital platform for Mobile push notifications, Pushwoosh was fortunate to speak directly with the development community and get both insights and retrospective regarding numerous topics that are mission critical for the entire app industry. It also helped us realize what particular improvements are a must to continue leading the mobile engagement industry.

The conference provided the comfortable space for developers and business decision makers alike to discuss the most viable topics of the industry.

Below, is the list of talking points Pushwoosh team discussed with Apps World London attendees:

  • Engagement of ongoing and prospective customers
  • How to avoid over-communication and reduce negative experience
  • Ability for organizations to use, leverage and segment their own audience to make messaging and communications more impactful
  • How to integrate Pushwoosh into your product
  • How to keep pricing competitive in the market. Specifically, when the out of the box features are far beyond the industry average
  • New and emerging features to address a growing need for Mobile Push Notifications
  • Partnership opportunities with other leading technology companies to provide added value to Pushwoosh and Partner Clients alike
  • How to maintain the leading role in Digital Engagement
  • Why Timely Customer Support is extremely vital to any SaaS company, and for Pushwoosh clients in particular
  • Lessons learned from success stories within multiple industries like Professional Sports, Hospitality, Media, Retail etc.

To be more precise we would like to focus on two of the most important topics discussed at the Conference.

Apps World London


Segmentation alone and the ability to dive deep into one’s own data for high level and specified communications were consistently broached. Prior to years past, companies worried about trying to collect vital data across their businesses and today, the exposed challenge revolves around how to use this data in a systematic manner that provides competitive advantage to the organization. With Pushwoosh Segmentation features like Tags and Filters, companies can significantly boost their marketing marksmanship by building custom audience segments and address users with relevant and up-to-the-minute information. In summary, this simply means companies can provide relative content based on buying habits, trends, monetization, age etc. to the end users.

Apps World London

Customer Success

Today, organizations face the challenge of requiring real time assistance and communication from their service providers. At Pushwoosh, we identify and fully comprehend this very need by reaffirming the Pushwoosh commitment to provide the highest level of Customer Service within the industry. In order to attain this goal, we assign a personal Customer Success Manager to our Enterprise Tiered Clients. Not only will our Enterprise Clients receive an assigned CSM, they will also receive a team of Technical Support Managers to address situations in real time. This reduces response time, allows the same individual within Pushwoosh to become deeply engrained within the client’s strategies, requirements and goals. In turn, this provides efficient resolve for anything the client requires. We sincerely believe in win-win cooperation and have already garnered excitement and interest from prospects and current clients alike by providing such a high level of service.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank our team for the great job they did representing Pushwoosh at Apps World London. Thank you, guys, you’re the best!

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