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Spending too much money on app customization and development? Here’s a tip on how to save some!

One of the crucial push notifications features is the ability to deep link your users to a specific section of your app, to avoid wasting their time in the search of the particular piece of information. If a message thread gets updated, you should not land your readers on What’s New or Contacts page. If your favorite football club scores, you don’t want to dig through the list of the rivals on your way. Your readers or players want to feel loved and assured that due care was taken here.

One might argue it adds hours and hours of development to achieve such extensive customization. Pushwoosh to the Rescue! Deep Linking has just become more intuitive, Plug and Play style. Here you can find our new guide on Deep Linking for both iOS and Android. Just show this cheat sheet to your engineers, and get your app up and running in no time.

Once everything is set up, all you have to do is send a push with the key to your target location in the new Actions tab.


If you would like to continue doing it old school style, feel free to opt for the Custom Data to be attached to your message.

Let us know if you like your new Deep Linking capabilities, or want to see something new in the next updates!

iOS 9 Compatibility

iOS 9 Compatibility

Sep 17, 2015

iOS 9 has officially arrived, and we are more than thrilled to welcome its new fascinating features. Our personal favorite is Picture-in-Picture breakthrough for iPads all over the world! A rerun of the last season of The Big Bang Theory is being played on top of this blog post right now, and yes, we do love geeky stuff here.

As the last one-digit iOS takes over millions of devices overnight (along with Apple download servers), we would like to step up and confirm that Pushwoosh SDK is ready and compatible with its newest version. We are happy to hear your feedback, especially for the new Sort Order parameter. For those few who had not read one of the dozens of articles on the release, here’s a tip:

    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Go to Notifications.
    3. Select Sort Order.

Voilà, no more digging through an endless list for the push that you’ve just missed.

Rumor has it, the new iOS will also improve your battery life – well, who does not enjoy a good old science fiction piece!

In the competitive world of iOS vs Android there is one feature that is undoubtedly winning the hearts over for the iPhone ecosystem: notification badges. These small red circles definitely make our life easier, drawing attention to something new or important going on in the app, either new messages, new mail, new offers or an update in your travel itinerary.

The best part of iOS badges is that they are supported out of the box, all you need is to tell Pushwoosh which badge you want to set with a push. Naturally, there are many requests to support badges for Android, it looks such a straight-forward feature. Over years we had to disappoint our users, telling them that it’s simply not possible without third-party apps or widgets.

So here is the great news part: yes, you can! It would require a slight code modification, but now you can send badges to most of the Android devices now present in the market. Wonder how?

The only thing you need to do is to make changes to the AndroidManifest.xml as outlined in our Android Manifest Modifications guide.

Badges are a huge part of a very polite but powerful user re-engament technics. Without being intrusive or disruptive, you indicate that there’s an urgent need to revisit the app. Do not forget to use it wisely, so there should be real value behind dry numbers on the home screen!

In our demanding times everybody wants to get more out of the most popular technology. On the way to extended functionality of Android 5.0 and higher we have drastically updated our SDK for Android.

We advise you to carefully review the new guides and samples before using new sources. We expect that these changes would help us provide customizable experience for your future Android campaigns!

Say ‘Hi’ to Support Team

Aug 12, 2015

Last month our Support Team decided to share their success with colleagues and crafted a small info poster on their July metrics. The image is clickable for higher dimension!

Disclaimer: No managers were harmed in the proceedings of this evaluation.

Support Stats

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