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Last week we announced support for Chrome web push notifications, which allows you to establish the most convenient channel of communication with your website audience. With 49% desktop browsers market share of Chrome it provides huge opportunities for brands to engage with their audience in a modern and handy manner.

But what’s even more exciting is that Chrome notifications work across desktop and mobile versions of the browser on Android, so there’s no necessity to develop a native mobile application. It means that for the very first time you can reach out to your users regardless of the device they are using, how cool is that?

And, that’s another 27% of the mobile web audience, which is huge, isn’t it?

Screenshot_2015-04-22-16-15-08 Screenshot_2015-04-22-16-21-18

The user experience is the same as with native Android push notifications – they are asked to opt-in once they open your website, and then receive regular push notifications that lead them to your site in Chrome, and that is achieved with one and the same code.

Meet the team at Apps World Germany 2015!

Apr 22, 2015

On April 22-23 we’re happy to see you at our booth #233 and talk some mobile/web pushes. There’s so much going on recently, from Chromes pushes to real-time campaigns, it will be fun!


The Team

No extensions. No limitations. Meet the new era of communications.

Back when we were kids, every time we watched a certain movie we dreamt of going freely into space – a light fighter jet could take you anywhere, from one city to another, from a small planet to the center of the galaxy far, far away.

As grownups, we dream of different things, but freedom from any borders is one of the basic needs for modern society. Here at Pushwoosh we do our best to give you this freedom, to go beyond different platforms and multiple programming languages. As of yesterday we have already supported 21 different platforms and cross-platform tools, but you know all of this already.

Today we took it to the next level. With the latest Chrome 42 release you can reach your website readers on desktop and mobile devices with a single shot. That’s it. No strings attached. App-like experience.


What does that mean? By some estimations Chrome usage against all other browsers goes as high as 49%*. In other words, a half of all Internet users became instantly available for the dialogue with your web app. Well, you might want to wait while all of us update to the latest Chrome version, but we’ll get there.

You’re one step away from the new beginning! Open this page, learn a new trick and may the push be with you!



If you experienced any issues while implementing our plugin with Cordova 4.0 or higher, we strongly recommend to update our plugin.

It has recently been changed to exclude the deprecated window.plugins function.

Once again, we would like to thank our users for their valuable feedback!

Introducing Campaigns

Mar 25, 2015

Great news!

Our new Campaigns functionality goes live at this very moment, and here are three reasons for you to check it out.

  1. Plan your marketing, educational or entertainment push campaigns and observe them reaching the goals you set.
  2. Unlike with most of other solutions, in Pushwoosh you can pull together all data that serves the same purpose to see the bigger picture. Scheduled pushes, automated pushes, GeoZones, iBeacons, seasonal greetings to your family – every push that drives you closer to success can be seen working as a part of the team.
  3. It is so easy to organize millions of pushes you send out daily. No more searching for the most important one, sent who knows how many days ago.


All you need to do is Add Campaign in the Control Panel and start collecting your stats. It’s that easy.


Keep track, stay informed, react fast!

The Campaigns feature is currently provided as Beta