Friends will be friends, a great man once said.

Our colleagues from ZeroPush are opening a new chapter of their professional adventure, and will be working with Twitter on their next big things. Over the last three years their team was working on a push platform in order to help developers reach out to their users through a simple, web-friendly API. Due to the changes that are coming in the next couple of months, we have all combined our efforts to ensure a seamless transition for ZeroPush users into the new era.

Migrating from ZeroPush to Pushwoosh is truly easy — no painful integration to go through again, no changes in you app code. Simply replace the target URL and you’re done. The rest will be taken care of by two highly experienced engineering team.

Please see our guide on direct import of your existing users from ZeroPush:

Please note that ZeroPush services are available till January 31, 2016, so we highly recommend proceeding with migration before the deadline.

Pushwoosh Team welcomes our new users on board!