Pushwoosh Enterprise Package: Push Notification Platform that has all of its attention on continuing to lead the industry

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Challenges of Communicating with your App Users:

The ecosystem of Customer Acquisition, Satisfaction, Retention and Engagement incorporates many different Departments, i.e. Development and Business Resources to achieve specifically determined KPI’s. Achieving these goals will allow for higher ROI and re-investment into the current and future strategic goals for any company. Whether your company has 100 End Users or 100’s of Millions of end users, Pushwoosh will scale to the size of your organizational needs.

Why the Enterprise Platform A Top Level Solution:

When looking for the right solution, Pushwoosh is a Pure Play Push Notification Platform that has all of its attention on continuing to lead the industry with innovation, guidance, Customer Service, Expertise on Technical questions, Resolve and overall making sure our customers are always the priority for our organization. Our Step by step documentation is second to none and our provision of Business Use Cases created by speaking with a subset of our 60,000 Clients. With over 200 Billion Notifications Issued and 1.7 Billion Unique Mobile Devices receiving Push Notifications through the use of our Platform, our experience of being Vertical Agnostic provides our clients advantages over their competition.

Why the Enterprise Features Increase Metrics for your App:

The Enterprise Package is Vertical Agnostic and focused on providing the most robust Functionalities and Features to address Enhanced Business and Technical Requirements. Whether you are looking to segment your audience, send Embedded Video, Increase your Ratings on GooglePlay or Apple Store via the In-App Messaging can all be achieved with the Pushwoosh Enterprise Package. Adoption of the app and creating relative content for specific users based on metrics will drive higher Retention and Engagement, thus creating the significant increases in ROI.

Reduce Development Costs with the Enterprise Package:

This product is developed specifically for those organizations that are expecting to quickly see results from the Pushwoosh Platform. By setting up automation Notifications, this drastically reduces employee hours and relieve the use of manual processes. These automation features alone will help to reduce internal time and costs while receiving the awards of overall increases to your strategic goals for current and future initiatives.

Business Cases

Business Use Cases to apply Enterprise Features to Address your Business and Technical requirements:

Increasing 3-day Retention

The core audience mostly consists of users who constantly use your app. You can set a segment of users that opened the app a few days after the registration to avoid churning.

Boost Repeat Purchases

Users that bought something already are more likely to purchase again. Target them with the Segmentation feature and see the revenue growing.

Changing Icon

There’s a high chance users notice a changed app icon. Increase chances to attract their attention to promotions, updates, etc. with push notifications.

Rate My App

Offer users to appraise your app with In-app messages. With this key, you can reach them in moments of happiness and gather high ratings.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

The cart abandonment rate is extremely high. Push notifications and In-app messages help you remind customers they wanted to buy something. In result, the revenue grows.

Net Promoter Score

The NPS survey measures the audience loyalty. It also helps to outline what app features are in need of improvement.


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