In-App Messaging, the Ideal Companion to Push Notifications

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In-App Messaging, the Ideal Companion to Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great tool for drawing subscribers back to your app. In fact, their click-through-rates can be as high as 40%. Despite this, they aren't perfect. Their problem is that iOS users have to opt in, while Android users can simply turn them off. This means that they don't reach your app's entire audience.

Sport teams have it easy: their push notifications subscription rate is as high as 80%. However, if your app is not related to sports, you may think that your chance of retaining users is very low. Whether you made a mistake the first time you asked users to subscribe to push notifications, or did it perfectly right from the get-go, there's a simple way to increase your chances of retaining subscribers.

80% users of official Bayern Munich App
are subscribed to Push Notifications


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The solution to your problems comes in the form of in-app messages. Apps that use them have a retention rate of 46% after three months of being downloaded. Compare this to the 13% retention rate of apps that don't use them. They sound great, but what are they?

In-app messages are, just as their name indicates, messages that appear while someone is using an app. In-app messages differ from push notifications in one crucial way: the former only appear when the app is being used, while the latter pop up when the app is not running. Another great and unique thing about in-app messages is that users can't opt-out of seeing them, which means that they can reach 100% of your subscribers.

While just having in-app messages helps you keep your audience, using them in the right circumstances can boost their efficiency. For instance, it is better if users receive such a message after using the app in a specific way, rather than receiving it at random.

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Using push notifications or in-app messages helps you stay in-touch with your app's audience, but you get the best results when you combine them. As such, in-app messages can keep users posted on deals or best ways to use the app, while push notifications offer gentle reminders, pulling subscribers back in.