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Pushwoosh Private Offering

A fully customizable solution to your business goals

As your business grows, the number and complexity of your business goals grow with it. To help you seamlessly reach any strategic goal you have identified, we’ve created the Private Offering. Enjoy every solution Pushwoosh has to offer, such as:

Private Enterprise Cloud

An isolated push delivery channel for your business, used only by you. With a dedicated cloud for your data and push delivery, we guarantee the fastest push delivery on the market.

Choose the location of your data

To comply with your government regulations, you can choose the location of your data. We offer data centers in Europe and the US.

Unlimited Marketing Tools

Our Private Offering has no limitations! You can have any number of subscribed users and all marketing automation features, such as In-App Messages, Secure Push, High Speed Delivery, and much more.


To ensure that there are no interruptions in our clients’ marketing flow, we offer 99.90% availability of our service on Private Offering.

24/7 Priority Support

A separate prioritized email support for your needs. Any question you might have will be taken care of in no time, 24/7.

Personal Customer Success Manager

Our experienced CSMs will provide the highest level of support and help you build your marketing strategies.

Dedicated Onboarding team

We’ll make sure your integration with Pushwoosh goes smoothly and quickly, drastically reducing the time-to-market of your app.

Out-of-the-box Integration

Seamless integration with well-known platforms, such as Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, etc.