The first 7 days of the app user lifecycle are the most crucial. This window is also when most mobile applications fall short. On average, Day 7 retention rate is only 11–13% — not high at all, right?
Luckily, there are some quick wins to try during these pivotal first days, and Pushwoosh and Adapty teams are excited to share them with you.
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7-Day Quick Wins for Subscription Apps: From User Onboarding to Conversion

The key to making your app profitable and ensuring its sustainable growth in today’s increasingly competitive market is to score higher retention numbers and convert users into paid subscribers.
In other words, get everything you need to build a solid foundation for higher user LTV and stable app revenue in the long term.
Whether you’re planning to market a new app or grow an existing one, our tips will help you get on the right path towards successful subscription purchases and app monetization.
Effective user onboarding practices to avoid early churn
Creative ideas for paywalls that convert
Engaging communication strategies, including push notifications, in-apps, and emails
Proven ways to reach users at the right moments and convert them faster
Nikita Maidanov
Head of Product, Adapty
Mike Yudin
Head of Product, Pushwoosh
Adapty helps mobile developers analyze and grow in-app subscriptions, integrate in-app purchases within a few hours, and run monetization experiments faster and cheaper. Marketers can directly engage users with promotional offers to return them to the service or upsell new products.
Pushwoosh is the top mobile-driven customer engagement platform. Its tech-easy solutions help marketers boost user engagement and stickiness with push notifications, in-app messages, and behavior-based omnichannel communications, therefore, successfully growing and monetizing their apps.
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