Maximize your website traffic, CTR, and conversion rate through effective web push notification campaigns for your Android users.

Android web browser notification service


Rapid and effortless setup

Get Google (Firebase) credentials
Configure your platforms in our Control Panel
Integrate Pushwoosh Android SDK into your website
Start sending web pushes to Android users

SDK and API for web browsers on Android devices

SDK and API for any desktop & mobile browser

Android user segments of any complexity

With Pushwoosh, you're provided with more than a web browser notification service – you gain access to advanced user segmentation:
Historical data: obtain in-depth insights into your audience's past activities (views and purchase history, timing trends, lifecycle journeys), paving the way for fine-tuned web push campaigns;

Contextual messaging: consider not only the latest trigger event but the user's overall behavior;

Any compound segment: define highly specific segments and scale the most successful strategies.
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Pushwoosh advanced segment builder

Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder
Streamline your Android web push notification campaigns with a powerful and user-friendly visual tool:

Send Android web pushes via Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder

Automate messaging flows for opt-ins, user onboarding, engagement, and retention;
Implement event-triggered messaging;
Update user profiles in real time for further segmentation;
Analyze the completion of conversion goals;
Combine web push notifications with other channels.
Pushwoosh integration and onboarding

Engage your Android users via tailored messages

Dynamic content, deep linking, and personalized images for individually crafted experiences;

Geo-targeted push notifications for location-specific campaigns;

User-centric approach for intuitive customer journeys;

Multi-language messaging for worldwide engagement.

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Enjoy the benefits of increased CTR with the personalization tools provided by Pushwoosh:

Use Pushwoosh High-Speed Delivery technology to drive high traffic to your website

Experience the exceptional speed of Pushwoosh High-Speed Push Notifications, making you the leader in delivering time-sensitive content such as sport broadcasts, live news updates, and weather alerts.
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pushes per second
Up to 500k
above-average speed
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