2021 was marked by a major boom in the mobile game industry: according to, there were recorded 82.98B game downloads in 2021 and consumer spending on games reached $116B.

In the highly competitive market, the gaming app’s success lies in the cohesive marketing strategy that covers the whole consumer cycle, from user acquisition, conversion into a paying user to long-term customer loyalty.

In this on-demand webinar, Pushwoosh and DCI share their expertise in gaming app marketing. Keeping an eye on trends and changing consumer behavior, they talk:
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Sure-win ways to engage app users, keep them active and convert into paying users.

Up Your Game: How to Boost Your Mobile Game App Competitiveness

How to balance organic and paid user acquisition channels to reach the top of mobile games.
The optimal ways to monetize your gaming app.
Kumaresan Thangadurai
Head of Digital & Mobile Marketing, Dot Com Infoway
Mike Yudin
Product manager,