For financial institutions, whether it’s a bank, credit union, or brokerage firm, mobile messaging can play a vital role in achieving two major business objectives: keeping customers updated about transactions and promoting/selling products and services.

Additionally, the digital customer experience becomes not just important but crucial.
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Finance Apps:
Effective Messaging for CX & Revenue

Implement personalization and segmentation strategies to enhance customer experience and mobile app usage
Maximize the potential of mobile and omnichannel messaging for common industry use cases and throughout the customer lifecycle
Build secure, effective, and seamless communications with your financial product customers
As the industry wisdom goes, expanding reach and cultivating engaged, satisfied customers are essential for driving business revenue. Embrace the best practices shared in our live webinar to fuel the growth of your fintech app.

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Join us for this webinar as we’ll discuss how to:
Customer Success Manager, Pushwoosh
Vlad Heyn
Customer Success Manager, Pushwoosh
Max Kuzakov
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