Apart from being a key e-commerce business metric, customer lifetime value (LTV) is an important indicator of how valuable each customer is to the business over their time as a shopper. By focusing on returning customers and their lifetime value, engaging and nurturing them, you are contributing to higher profits for your online shop.

So, what can you do to inch up your e-commerce customer LTV? Pushwoosh and OptiMonk got you covered.

Watch this free webinar as we’ll go through the customer journey and provide you with actionable tips for each step, from awareness to conversion and loyalty. During this session you’ll learn:
To set up multiple engagement points for web and mobile app users.

Sure-Win Tactics to Improve E-Commerce Customers LTV

How to provide a positive customer experience by interacting with each customer at a personalized, human level.
What kind of marketing communications to launch on each stage to stimulate purchases.
How to optimize customer value.
As always, we’ll share a bunch of real cases and examples that work for brands like yours. See by yourself how some simple tactics can get you to your business goals.
4 pm CEST
10 am EDT
April 26th
Csaba Zajdo
CMO & Founder,
Elena Kozlova
Content marketing manager, Pushwoosh