Lifecycle Marketing Strategy for Mobile Apps

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Lifecycle marketing has been there all along, it seems — a buzzword for some, a cornerstone of success for others. Here, we go beyond mere buzzwords and delve into action. The action that we, marketers, crave especially in 2024, as the shift from acquisition-focused to retention-focused strategies has become an unavoidable necessity.

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Bringing lifecycle marketing to life

This ebook will help you bring clarity and structure to the scattered tactics of lifecycle marketing. We’ll help you craft an integrated strategy that seamlessly aligns with every stage of your mobile user lifecycle.
The tips and techniques shared in this ebook are drawn from the insights and successes of Pushwoosh's top customers. But don't just take our word for it; we've also consulted with five leading experts in mobile app marketing, who provide additional food for thought to refine your strategy.

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The customer lifecycle typically begins with acquisition. However, in the realm of mobile user communication, we shift the beginning of the journey to the point where a user has installed an app.

What is lifecycle marketing in the context of mobile apps?

Stage 1:
Stage 4:
Retention & Loyalty
Stage 2:
Stage 5:
Re-Engagement & Re-Activation
Stage 3:
Thus, the user lifecycle goes from installation to onboarding, registration, activation, engagement, conversions, repeat purchases, retention, loyalty, and, if necessary, re-engagement and reactivation. We cover these points within the five key stages:
The goal of lifecycle marketing is to create a coordinated "always-on" messaging strategy that spans the entire app user journey. Through coordinated efforts, you can achieve your tactical and strategic goals.

Is the lifecycle approach worth the hustle?

Better-targeted communication
Optimal timing for higher CTRs and conversions
Personalized experiences that boost user engagement and satisfaction
Increased conversions at every stage of the user journey
Enhanced retention & long-term loyalty
Improved ROI
Ground for data-driven optimization
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